8 thoughts on “The Start-Up School.. This Weekend”

  1. If you think you can get specific answers rather than the usual vague stuff about 20% time, it would be interesting to know from the Yahoo/Google people what are their best practices for innovation (and implicitly for maintaining a startup culture). They both go on about it a lot, especially Google, but other than the usual vague stuff about 20% time and how small guys have created all the big products etc, we haven’t had much detail.

  2. Om, I’ll be there tomorrow. If possible I’d like you to address how Web 2.0 compares to the previous incarnation of startups. It seems that we’re back to monetizing eyeballs, and despite some really innovative services being around, no one really has a new model to get money from these services. MySpace is still stuck with a 7-cent CPM despite the “largesse” of its traffic. It’s still a model around getting as many eyeballs as possible through services, which differs little from the previous iteration of the bubble. So how is it different? And if I can squeeze another question in it’s this: Are Google and Yahoo the winners of Web 2.0, since so many of these services are still using AdSense or Overture for their advertising? Seems like they’re on a win-win situation in the contest for eyeballs.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!



  3. I’d like to know the path one should take to go from a single person company to the level of a start-up. Say they don’t know anyone and they have a day job but they have a good idea and they want to do more with it. 🙂

  4. As an A-list blogger you probably get emails/blurbs from multiple startups that hope to get mentioned on GigaOM. How do you decide which ones you’re going to blog about? Understanding how bloggers choose their material has become especially important for early stage ventures given that you guys are the new fourth estate.

  5. YouTube.com would be MY question====Model of Video Downloading vs Pay to watch type of VIDEOS=======how will YAHOO and GOOGLE combat the YouTube.com MANIA????????? Special PLUG for a small marketing company KNOCKING the VOIP ball out of the park===Broadgen!

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