19 thoughts on “Three Things…. DSL, Comcast & Vongo”

  1. Well OM, I think YOU too are starting to figure out the GOLD RUSH is back in Web2.0 as Comcast ramps VOIP…wait till you see the NEXT COMCAST bomb about to BURST onto Qwest with the $99 BUNDLE coming striking FEAR into the Motherland of Qwest Denver! I beleive YouTube.com is a NUKE of WMD proportion and the WORLD is starting to wake up to Weapons of Mass Dialing the Skibare VoipNuke.com model!
    Go Level3 Baby GOOOOOO!

  2. Is Mozilla going to make the cover of Business 2?
    We should at least one time this year.

    Our pretty faces sell magazines you know! And we’ve got plenty of stories…

  3. You must have a Cable Cellular Bundle [Sprint] available to auto transfer the home cable phone for free during the Cable system [modem] outages that occur.
    Must be seamless and immediate.
    They haven’t thought this far ahead, as far as I know.
    Bell never even thought of this and they own Cingular/Verizon.
    Telco doesn’t monitor each line continuously like Cable does for modems.
    A Cable Phone Selling Point if I ever thought of one…embrace the outage and prove it by alerting the cellphone. A Very Bold Step.

  4. Is it for sertain markets, because I wnet on the att site and they offer 1.5 and 3 Mbps only and it’s $30 and $40.
    What am I missing?

  5. just like to say that vongo is the biggest piece of crap program i have ever tried. Their movie selection is full of nonsense movies, and their customer service is by far the worst customer service from any company that I have ever dealt with anywhere in the world — and I have lived in 6 different countries. I have been on hold with them for about an hour and 25 minutes now and I am still on hold. I think they make it hard for you to reach them so that you cannot cancel your account and they continue to steal/scam you out of your money. I hate vongo and everything it represents.

  6. A little late, and a small detail:
    Vongo works only on Windows-PC and costs about $10 for unlimited access. PPV is $4 a month.
    PPV is $4/movie not per month.

    I agree with Gaurav about Vongo sucking in general. It is stupid that you have to call them to cancel the service. I just said that I am switching all my CPU’s to the Apple platform and they cancelled my service without question.

  7. Vongo does not honor coupons that it includes with the pre-loaded software it pushes on people who purchase new computers. When calling customer service, the service will not give any viable excuse as to why but “user error”, so the representatives I spoke to say it is my fault that they will not honor the advertisements they put in new computer boxes.

    I was charged for two monts of service. One month I will accept as my responsibility. But the latest, I cancelled the service within the time frame, and they charged my credit card, and will not issue a refund.

    I do not recommend this service. The majority of movies are outdated: Circa 1980’s and beyond. Of the “newer” movies, most have been out on the market for a month or longer. So, the service is not worth trying out. It will be a waste of time and money. Customer service is very low par. Arguing with a person who will not give his name, nor the company leadership name, so writing this company to settle issues are not acceptable means of conducting business. A company should give the names and how to reach the office numbers of the chief of operations and/or other management tiers. This was refused to me.

    All this hassle for a $10.59 charge to be taken off of my credit card, and they will not do it, nor even offer my the two weeks free I should of had left. VERY poor customer service, with absolutely no empathy towards customers. So, my alternative is to file a lawsuit. For false and misleading advertisement–seeing that the original pre-printed advertisement I received with my computer says:”30 day FREE trial” of which I only received 14 days of free try out service.

  8. I am responding to the post dated December 14, 2007. I am the VP of Operations for Starz Entertainment. I am responsible for Vongo’s customer care. I read your post and would like to follow up. Can you please email me your Vongo user name, email address and phone number.


  9. I’m having a BAD experience with vongo as well. help me please!
    for several months i have attempted to contact Vongo, with no luck
    i’m not able to log on to their site ,so that i can cancel my
    membership. meanwhile, my credit card is being charge for lousy
    service that i DO NOT WANT!!!!

    please provide me with a customer service # if possible.

                                 thanks,               nolan
  10. Toshiba offers a 30 day free trial of VONGO
    When you download the trial it becomes a 14 day trial at Vongo
    Both companies are not being up front and I would caution anyone to beware. Is it a pay per view? a monthly subscripion? a 30 day trial?…
    You better read the terms, all the pages if you plan to subscribe… Regarding “Toshiba” They placed this crap on my new computer desktop and it says 30 day trial offered by Toshiba, so the third party cop out on Toshiba’s part is garbage So I share the view:=(Vongo does not honor coupons that it includes with the pre-loaded software it pushes on people who purchase new computers. When calling customer service, the service will not give any viable excuse as to why but “user error”, so the representatives I spoke to say it is my fault that they will not honor the advertisements they put in new computer boxes.)

  11. Vongo has no way to talk to a person on the website , no contact info. I have been trying to cancel my membership!!! I uninstalled it and now I cant reinstall it to cancel the membership and they have 24/7 customer service NOT!! everytime I enter contact customer service it says technical difficulties retrieving answer!! Such a rip off. If theres someone from vongo here cancel my membership, NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey,
    So I’m not freakin crazy after all this whole VONGO experience has left me so frustrated I could scream, I have not been able to download a movie since the end of Nov 2007 yet every month on my statement they are VONGO a big hit at taking money they and there service has not earned from hard working tax paying americans. enough is enough I see a major class action in there bleak future.. but, meanwhile I’m still stuck like chuck trying to remove this horrible dreadful, virus called vongo. any help would maybe help me to get some kind of closure to this gaping wound.

  13. I must STRONGLY agree with those who question Vongo’s intentions —

    I had a subscription to Netflix which i was going to cancel because Vongo sounded like such a better deal.

    I had multiple problems with the download that none of their suggested solutions resolved;

    When I tried to contact them, i discovered it is vitually IMPOSSIBLE to do so —

    1. I tried to find any “contact” information on the Vongo site — they have none;

    2. I tried using the “Ask Vongo” automated response system –it told me that information was “unavailable, try back later” (and i’ve tried back several different times of the day, for three days now);

    3. I’ve checked whether they have a 1-800 Number (they don’t).

    This sort of treatment infuriates me; they must think we are all idiots out here. After i post here, I’m headed to the “Bad Business Bureau” and “RIP-OFF” sites to notify everyone there.

    DO NOT get involved with VONGO, it’s evidently a major RIP-OFF.


  14. Dear Customer,

    Please accept our apologies there was a software bug with Ask Vongo that have since resolved.. Our customer service number is 1-877-Vongo21

  15. Their customer service phone number hangs up on you when ever you try to get a CSR. I’ve tried from several different phones, land and cell with the same results.

    I was promised a 30 day trial, and my card has already been charged. I feel like I’m being screwed, and they aren’t using lube.

  16. Well, I was going to use Vongo. However, after read this and other comments plus when I tried to access for a free trial it tells me that I am offline. So, I thank you for this comments and of rsaving me a big headache.

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