6 thoughts on “Vonage, Selling Itself?”

  1. If I was shopping for Voip players, then I would rather take Gizmo or TelTel from the produce section. Buying Vonage is like buying milk. They don’t have any technology. Their brand is beginning to really get stale. Soon, it will expire. What do they really have to offer? A lousy business model that requires a phone line from an incumbent. Great, I got two phone bills now instead of one.

  2. Its IPO or bust I’m afraid. Its funny how Facebook can (claim) to demand a $2 Billion valuation (Well maybe not) and Vonage with paying customers is unable to do a $250 Million IPO.

  3. OM,

    You really don;t see the light! They just brought in a new CEO, he’s been on board less the 2 months. It takes a bit of transition to get a CEO prepped for a road show.

    The company has 1.5 million consumers. They blow Skype away, they dominate VoiP, there still building a brand, they have stategic distribution deals and they have more revenue then Skype ro any other provider.

    Are you jealous ?

    What’s your beef with Vonage, maybe you should drink some koolaid and loose a few pounds.

  4. Vonage is terrible – anyone would be foolish to invest at this point. It would be one thing if they left their customers dissatisfied, but the process through which a person must go to cancel is so excruciating that their customers become enraged. It won’t take long before word of mouth yields a reputation for this company that is so tarnished that not even extra strong industrial grade Tarn-X could fix it.

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