7 thoughts on “Desktop Returns, On The Web Of Course”

  1. I believe this is nothing new. Lightmaker did this years ago with Macromedia Flash and the smoothness and logic is much better than Hive.

    However if we are discussing Ajax and its use brilliant work…

  2. Om, thanks for the interesting post. I saw this with both personal satisfaction and a bit of pain. The term “webtop” was first quoted by me in an article in the late ’90s. It was clear to me then that Java apps that run in the browser would take over and my company at the time, BulletProof had arguably the best example on the web of what could be done in a webtop app. I talk about the story in my blog.

    Hopefully this time around they’ll actuallt take. I always wondered wy Saleforce.com used HTML instead of Java. They’re interface is so clunky with all the page loading and clicking which a rich app can replace.

    In fact you can still see BulletProof’s Java apps in action.
    – then click OK to login, once the ‘applet’ loads, you’ll see a desktop-like database app that is fast to moev aorund in and loads just the data back and forth with no page refreshes.

  3. good to see more and more disruptive ventures emerging, am sure is a wake up call for all in the industry from software developers, to distributors to support teams…all will have to look for re-skilling themselves sooner rather than later.

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