11 thoughts on “Hive 7, An Ajaxian Virtual World”

  1. Yeah, but will Hive7 involve and invite the sex-positive community? I’ve noticed that a lot of social internet plays lately are rather prudish, and we all know that sex drives media and interactive technology.

    I had a long talk with an old friend who’s a game designer, and she opined that the web is great for connecting traditional data (having been built on an academic foundation), but was a bit skeptical about its capacity to achieve “The Metaverse,” at least in the realistic short-term.

    I enjoy Second Life, even though I don’t have the hardware to really hang out. But I’m inclined to believe my friend’s interpretation. It’s all got a kinda weird cult element to it. Wouldn’t be the first time in the Bay Area that trans-normative technology inspired easily exploited spiritual fervor.

  2. Matt,

    XBox Live is a closed environment where you play inside Xbox. this is plain old browser. and hence “web has gone 3D” and it is because it is all javascript. it is going to get interesting. I think play with this a little, then it all makes sense.

  3. Hey there are two Matts!

    But I agree with myself (sorta) I think OS is to strong a word for what we’re seeing here. Its a platform.

    Plus I saw similar type plays back in the days web1.0 of dialup with virtual 3d worlds – not in a web browser – but this is just that plus javascript! I’m not sure robert got this one right!

    by that measure RoR is the new assembly 🙂

  4. I am not into video gaming or virtual world but i guess its technically impossible to bring the responsiveness and richness of a desktop client to browser. Also i dont see a user need for a AJAX virtual world either?…

    Said all this i can see the hardwork and technical prowse that went into creating this!.

  5. If only I had been able to browse all my applications like Leisure Suit Larry for the last 12 years… I would have gotten so much more done.

    Why do people link to this moron?

  6. Good grief, why do we insist on harping on the technology as the means to an end? My cell phone, Xbox, in-car DVD player, XM, iPod (podcasting for that matter) and such are not web things. Neither is my camera phone (funny how much read-write-publish behavior is starting to not really deal with the web, I should know, it’s my job).

    Web sites and blogs are web things. Others are internet-worked things.

    Hive and SL might have similarities, virtual spaces and such, 2D and 3D is relative to what you do. It’s like people arguing about whether audio or video is better. Or if sports cars are better than trucks.

    Remember, it doesn’t matter how long something has been around (Oh this has been around since 1924, it’s nothing new! /smacks forehead). When the people, repeat THE PEOPLE, the MARKET, the CONVERSATIONS are ready for it— that’s when it matters.

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