6 thoughts on “Fox in talks to buy online ad company”

  1. I wouldn’t expect a huge lift. Alot of the companies that serve ads on MySpace already use ad-optimization software. Some use SDC’s tech.

    Interesting move though. They are trying to do what Advertising.com did for AOL.com.

  2. Interesting piece! You can’t change a zebra’s stripes and in the case of MySpace, this is like a very undesirable neighborhood. Would you want your children “playing” there? We know the answer to that of course.

    Which brings the point home that ad campaigns like BP’s “carbon footprint” ads would never be aired on MySpace. So the moral is technology will not make the neighborhood safer–you have to change how it looks and behaves. How do you think Times Square regained its luster under former Mayor Rudy Guiliani? Good investment perhaps, but it will take an herculean effort to improve CPMs that have significance to the audience that typically frequents MySpace.

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