22 thoughts on “Freezing Cold In New Delhi”

  1. i know…. i also saw this movie song last night… which just killed me … you know the pankaj udhas one…. “letter from home etc.” i am feeling pretty blue right now….

  2. i have never been to india and where i come from 0 centigrade doesnt seem so cold but this part about getting up early is pretty international. but please enough blue for now!

  3. Last year the fogs had shutdown the delhi airport for a few days… I hate to see what this year would be like. I still remember walking to the bus stop every day in the morning at 7am… it was a freezing hell with a few meter visibility.

    What I miss the most is the visit to the tea stalls from work for a quick masala chai… starbucks doesn’t come close to it. 🙂

  4. This post makes me so homesick.

    I think a anghiti would be a charcoal stove. But, a paratha is a paratha is a paratha. If you cannot say it, you cannot eat it – IMO :->

  5. Om, what a great post. I have been pondering about home quite a bit. Certainly miss being in India, when one of the greatest sporting rivalries is going to unfold within a week.

  6. On the subject of homesick and home, did anyone catch the Jana Gana Mana on Google Videos? I found it very inspiring.

  7. Paratha – griddle fried bread resembling thick homemade tortillas but made w/ whole wheat usually instead of refined flour.

    Chholia – aka “green gram”, aka “hara channa”, aka “green lentils”, aka “mung beans”. Often cooked and eaten like peas. Sometimes eaten sprouted.
    [Om, note… in transliterated written English I think there’s 2 h’s in there.]

    Chole – spicy chick pea paste fried in clarified butter.

    Chholia Halwa – mung bean flour sweet/savory dessert.

    PS… Ghee (clarified butter) makes everything taste better!

  8. Even after living in the valley for over 20 years, I still miss IIT Delhi Central Cafteria. Ganjae and chikna serving Aloo Paratha’s, Oh I miss nippy and foggy Delhi winter.

  9. OM,

    I miss my dosa and vada’s too !! :)- you post and comments just made my mouth water with all goodie goodie dishes that you describe. I miss the pav bhajee too !!

  10. Argh you’re making me hungry, Om. BTW, parathas are easily found at any Indian restaurant in the states, even here in West Virginia. Probably not as good though. Chholia sounds worth looking into…

  11. Hey, i just heard, that some junior schools have also been closed for a few days coz of the cold wave, don’t remember nething like that in our days. N Wow!! It used to be a site to watch in Lodhi Garden in the mornings, with the regulars still out with their monkey caps, however thick the fog would be.
    Gosh!! Guys we should have a paratha party here, to get over this nostalgia!!

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