7 thoughts on “Sunday left overs…. Skype, Netgear”

  1. “Oh how desperate we are. We mimic their design, their colors, but we can’t seem to capture the magic.” — please! The punt is elegant, but it reeks of apple-ism. Do partisan Apple fans exist?

    I love your blog, and I have to agree with you about Zencast, but i would like to see an Apple user be more graceful for once. All digg posts about Bill or Creative are always sorely rounded up and lamblasted with the most nonsensical comments.

  2. Steve, must admit I am an abashed mac lover. nothing to it, and have never hidden the fact. come on, there must be that one thing, you are willing to turn a blind eye on…. crazy ass ceo, no management to talk about, a company without a future without jobs…. its called infatuation my friend, so forgive me for once for not being well, graceful.

  3. hey i know i know. i am an os-x convert, and could not stand os-9. but i understand what you are saying. i liked creative’s zen but then i was disappointed in their software, UI implementation. I think they are the only ones worth talking about in terms of competition for apple.

  4. Again, I have to agree on the comment about the UI and software implementation. It is my opinion that Apple does have a one other competitive advantage (albeit one that is not really mentioned), in that they are based right smack in the Bay Area. It is less of the technology, but more of the culture and awareness.

    Say what one might about the world being flat, but I think that it is just so hard for the Creative engineers (and CEO) to compete when they are not plugged in to the pulse of the industry like the Apple folks are. Especially for this particular industry where innovations tend to start here from the bay. Hence you always see them being equal/better on hardware but 2 steps behind in terms of market innovations(or 100 steps behind, like the Zencast). But thanks for your feedback on Creative, at least they are better than Sony! Now, why aren’t we hearing more jokes about that….

  5. Steve,

    we can go back and forth. but i disagree about the correlation between UI and Bay Area. If that was the case, then there would be many more companies with that kind of asthetic. its something to do with a headstrong CEO who basically is blessed with ability to see: less is more!

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