5 thoughts on “Fring for Windows Mobile, Any Day Now”

  1. FYI, T-moblie USA seems to be blocking text messages from fring. They needed to send me a link via e-mail to enter manually into my E70 to download the application (which is great!). It appears the operators aren’t going to roll out the red carpet…

  2. I wonder how battery life under WM will be? I find Skype for WM useless due to impact on battery life.

  3. Yeigo is pretty good when it comes to battery life – efficient data use lends to longer battery life.

    They are also compatible with Windows Mobile and have been since version one of their application!

  4. Fring has since released the Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 versions.

    See at http://techuntangled.com/fring-comes-to-windows-mobile-phones

    As for power, this is clearly a big issue when presence is enabled, because the mobile phone has to transmit and receive each time a presence update occurs. Other than that, Skype is known as a bandwidth hog, so thats another reason that Skype is not very battery-friendly.

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