4 thoughts on “Semel exit masks yet another bad quarter at Yahoo”

  1. It’s definitely all about advertising.

    I’m surprised these companies aren’t trying to make a stronger push into the e-mail advertising market. I just seen some statistics stating that there are over 20 billion spam-free e-mail messages sent per day. That works out to something like 7.3 trillion messages per year.

    If you figure that Yahoo! has an entire index size of just 19.2 billion web pages, you can quickly see how communication has potential to bring in large amounts of revenue. With that said, I think targeting is still way off, so it’s hard to monetize.

  2. Nice catch Om. Just as you said, I really, really wish they would get its act together. It is frustrating to watch this slow-motion train wreck. I have little confidence in this latest attempt at reorg (with all due respect to JerrY!)

    Y! needs massive house-cleaning.

  3. Robert,

    So your answer is to tap into the “spam free” messages that are sent and turn them into spam? Fvckin great idea!

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