7 thoughts on “From Grand Theft Auto to Joost Jockey”

  1. This is a great move by Joost who’s own corporate blog is really lacking sporadically updated and doesn’t allow reader comments .

    Your right about content discovery being a nightmare but as more metadata gets incorporated into the search on these platforms I think it will get better and Im sure their will be recommendation algorithms built in based on your viewing history and preferences.


    As for having content discovery bloggers I think its a great idea and is similar to TV reviewers in the Daily Paper.

  2. Hi New TeeVee,

    Thanks for covering this timely topic. I write the daily blog for Brightcove (Video Addict — http://blog.brightcove.com/addict/) and I’m excited and honored to receive recognition in your article.

    As “BC VJ” (and site editor for Brightcove.com), I do my best to highlight great content — from the hidden gems that might otherwise be overlooked, all the way up to the most popular viral vids.

    I’ve been writing the blog since January, so there’s a ton of fun clips to discover in our backlog, as well as in the more recent entries.

    Thanks so much for the shout-out, and take care,

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