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  1. Loved the article. My 2 cents devoted to how well put that was. Taught me alot.

    Anyway, i hope to see SMS voice messaging come to be the big thing. Also, this IS becoming a huge hobbie, but i didnt know of 15-25 year olds. Thats just crazy. There are people getting into accidents while texting more rather than being on the phone in general these days. How times change.

  2. as a developer that has played with this stuff a bit I’ll give some tips to people looking to play.

    To use it with your own equipment you need to buy a GSM modem and then put your sim card into the modem and communicate with it that way.

    If you want to use a shortcode and or premium rate then for starters I would look for a 3rd party to deal with this for you.

    I currently use http://www.aql.com/ for my experiments. They offer a pay as you go service.

    I think that isp’s should offer this service like they do emails. If they did it would explode.

  3. I always love it. Recently, in our country, one of the largest “bangla free blog portal service” they integrate blogging via sms. Simply, you have to registration and then sms (only for BD & charge applicable). People also enjoy this one. So….sms make us faster.
    Thanks dear OM to share with us.

  4. It’s going to be interesting to see the long-term effects that the explosion of SMS eventually has on our social interaction. It adds a whole new level of availability to people, breaking through politeness barriers that cell phones haven’t managed yet. I’ve already heard many stories of employees texting during meetings, of kids in school texting each other answers to tests, etc.

    I’m waiting for the eventual move to the telepathic platform, when we can send and receive messages to each other without even going to the trouble of inputing text.


  5. It doesn’t seems like Y! has SMS enabled from Mail app…which still says BETA-btw. I am not seeing it at least!

    Slow and confusing service ..could have been tested a lot more.

    Things companies to get instant stock market gratification…and fail.

  6. while one cannot debate the simplicity of SMS, new mobile email technologies are emerging which leverage the email platform already in most modern handsets, so are as easy to use as SMS. one of which is http://www.momail.se – and it has proven to be easy to set up and to use.

  7. Actually, SMS over IP already exists if you actually think about the ways that people in Europe and Asia are actually using SMS and especially younger folk.
    SMS over IP is infact instant messaging (ala MSN, GoogleTalk, …).
    SMS is in great used to day to replace calling and as a way to quickly chat with your contacts (does that not sound in part like IM). Historically, Europeans and Asians have grown to adopt SMS as a form of communication as it is cheaper than actually placing the call.

  8. Technoscenti Om Malik in his 26 August 2007 post “All Hail SMS” at GigaOM cited my “Is Texting Terminal?” post at Mobile Messaging 2.0. Given the effort to get my blogging profile airborne, I’m quite pleased that Om found my comments constructive, inciteful and worthy of recognition.
    Thanks, Om.

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