8 thoughts on “Gadget Magazine bubble?”

  1. I’m not so sure about the last point, that “unless thin screens come down to $500, mass adoption is not going to happen. ” Ask your parents how much they had to spend for their first television. Ask yourself how much you spent for your first IBM PC (I spent $5k in 1982) . Just because a new technology is expensive does not mean it will not be adopted. On the contrary, many of the insiders in the display industry seem to think that at $3k, LCD’s are at the right price point both to compete against plasma on the upper end and to push people on the lower end to trade up. Also, from what I understand, the big LCD makers (Samsung, LG Phillips, Sharp) are making pots of money off of these things. There is plenty of money in consumer devices at that price-point.

  2. Nice roundup, thanks Om. There are plenty of people out there who like reading about gadgets, but don’t have the time/money/inclination to do anything more about them. Just think of it as porn for the tech masses. 😉

  3. mr. mathew i take your point and would like to add some comments. well all i can say is that there is a huge difference between what early adopters will spend for a product and what the rest of the world will. i think many in silicon valley make that mistake. this observation is based on the retail data from one of the larger chains in the country.

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