55 thoughts on “Why T-Mobile Sucks?”

  1. i think t-mobile sucks. it not
    just the service of t-mobile that sucks, but the attitude of the service people at t-mobile that sucks. while they may be cheap,
    carrier pidgeons are also inexpensive and far more reliable.
    do be duped by the lies of the sales folks, simply type in t-mobile sucks into google or yahoo and se how many tens of thousands of search results come up. there are some awfully pissed off people out there (at t-mobile). beware!

  2. hmm…i am in the san jose area and my t-mobile service is not as bad as you proclaim. when compared to verizon, yea, it’s not as great coverage-wise. but for what i need and where i need it, it serves me just fine and the service works.

  3. Sure t-mobile sucks. But the folks at t-mobile-sucks.ws can give
    you some insite on why t-mobile sucks. complaints from customers,
    workers and former workers at t-mobile really let you know what the real deal is behind the slick ads.

  4. When it comes to Bad ATTITUDE they are 100% the TOP. Second they don’t listen are very Arroggent. Please don’t do business with them.

  5. I agree with the above complaints. I had T Mobile for a month, and their service was so poor it really can’t be said that they lived up to their contract. I couldn’t get enough reception to do the things I have to do professionally or make personal calls. My continued complaints were ignored. Every time I called a service rep I’d have to reinvent the wheel because they hadn’t bothered to read the documentation. I have refused to pay the early disconnect fee, for which they have billed me. I’m wondering if anybody knows about legal recourse with this problem? I don’t have a lot of money for lawyers.

  6. My wife recently had her purse stolen. I called cust. service, they told me that if I did not reactivate the phone or another phone within 30 days that I would be charged the early termination fee of $200. I told them that I would continue to pay the plan fee. They said that was not possible that I would not only have to pay full price for a phone, but that I would have to agree to an additional year contract. Why would I want another year with a policy like this? I cancelled both phones on the family plan and am being charged $400 termination fee. The contract ends in August. They couldn’t have at least waived the one year renewal! This is after going through multiple levels of arrogant customer service reps. as well as a store.

  7. I would like to know how I can make a complaint to the T-Mobile CEO Robert Dotson, by phone, or e-mail address. You can only make a complaint via fax or in writing which I find sort of strange. Is there anyone out there having the same problem or that knows how to help me? I am a new customer, 3 months, and a professional, am having a tremdous time with my services with this company, not receiving a bill for first 2 months, paying over 800 dollars so far, not using my services, being charged $150 every two weeks and am on a plan that is only $39.00 a month with a 600 minutes was suppose to be the plan. Managers hanging up on me intentionaly when I try to understand what is happening, and they can’t explain it to me. Staying on the line waiting for a rep, for hours. It has been unbelievable. Thanks Jw

  8. I never have any kind of your problem. Maybe, I got better phone cell. Well, I find T-mobile better than another service, especially to ATT. Because ATT’s rate is so outraged!! Don’t listen to T-mobile’s rep people, they have a kind of mental of Germany way – too arrogrant. By the way, T-mobile is Germany Company then. I have no choice. I better stick with T-mobile than ATT’s greedy.

  9. To be honest, in the cell world you still get what you pay for, and it seems that the stats prove that. I’m a phone whore. I admit it. I’ve gone through services like water looking for the brighter light. In Chicago, I’ve never found better than Nextel, and never worse than T-Mobile. I’m paying for the first time to get out of the contract, because the phone & service are the worst I’ve ever had. Almost unusable in most buildings. (BTW– The Samsung phones are hunks of Sh&t). They may be cheap, but I’ve been having to use pay phones again for the first time in 10 years because of this terrible company.

  10. its funny to see how many people hate t mobile. I was doin research about which plan to adopt, and i thought T-mobile had good deals. The funny thing is that after seeing this page i thought i’d look at other service complain pages to inform myself, and all other wireless service providers have a why(companyname)suck.com just like this one. Now its hard to make up my mind.. guess it’ll have to be trial and error…

  11. I have always had the problem of not being able to call from my home but had kept using T-mobile because whenever I had gone overseas the cost to keep in touch with USA has been the cheapest – for me at least. About 1 month ago I was called onmy cell phone but I did not get the call right away. I was alerted to the call about 4 days later that I had a missed call. I called T-mobile; I wrote to them and to this day my problem has not been resolved. All I have got so far is that whomever was the last person to communicate with me would say something like ‘Your problem is being fowarded to our ‘Advance Technical Department’ and I do not hear form anybody after that. I treid to remind the last person of this only to be told the same – like the proverbila ‘broken record’. I plan to keep T-mobile until after the World Cup Football is over. When I return I will more than likely switch to another GSM service – I have had enough.

  12. Okay, I just want to say I work for a call center that is contracted by T-Mobile to do all their inbound calling. That includes sales, customer care, activations, billing you name it.
    I want to say that one, T-Mobile was rated the top level of customer service by JD Power and Associates and is the only wireless network that dosen’t have BS hidden roaming charges and dosen’t lie about rate plans to get customers. It is also the only wireless provider that dosen’t charge and require some asinine deposite for customers with less then perfect credit. It only requires an higher activation fee which is hell of a lot better then some wireless providers that charge anywhere between $150 dollars and some clear up to a $1,000!
    Now, as far as what I read about how T-Mobile don’t share “documentation” I find that a bit arrogant to assume that you know how T-Mobile’s outsourcing solutions works. Not sure if any of you ever worked in a call center, but you seem to think it is like what you see on TV or movies where EVERY T-Mobile rep and employee in EVERY department or store as access to EVERY customer’s account information at the flick of a mouse of key on the computer keypad. It dosen’t work that way, and that is true for most call centers in general. That is done for the customer’s protection. Would you really want, the thousands of employees and contracters for T-Mobile to have access to your personal information that includes but not limited to:
    Your full name
    Phone (s) number
    Email(s) address
    Credit/Debit Card(s) information
    Check and bank/credit Union information
    Credit history
    Credit class
    Past account information
    Collections information…

    Need I go on?
    We live in an age where everyone is complaining their personal information is to readily available for the world to get a hold of, so when corporations, like T-Mobile and their call centers take measures to protect that information then we all complain because the information isn’t easily accessed when WE want it to be. Now say every single person who worked for T-Mobile could easily get your information at the flip of a switch for lack of better phrases..
    You would all be complaining about that. So which is it? Your information available like free public restroom paper towels? Or higher security standards so you don’t suddenly have strange charages on your credit or check because someone could get that information without you ever knowing until it is too late?
    Now as far as communciation between departments, I have to agree. Yes I wish it was better. As a call center agent I get frustrated on my end that the communication is not better, that nothing is explained clearly from department to department and call are just cold transferred from one department to another without any explaination about what is going on with the customer. It is frustrating to the customer for obvious reasons justr as it is to us. We cannot do our job easily when we are in the lurch about what has been happening on a customer account and then suddenly we are on the line with a customer, who is rightfully upset about something, was told a million different things by different reps in different departments and now has ONE more rep from God knows what area of T-Mobile is asking them to explain it all over again.
    However, this also goes back to the security measures. As sales rep for instance, the system they use, does not have the same system say customer service uses. So there are no “notes” or documentation to be sent. The computer system simply and technically is not set up that way. You just cannot access current customers accounts in some departments and not every department has the same information as the other. So that is why customers get confused, they think that we have one computer date base and it is the same for all agents and departments..that is just isn’t true. Different people do different things so their system is set up differently.
    I wish it wasn’t, I wish it was set up differently it would make everyone life, both customers and agents, lives easier.
    But I just wanted to clear that up, it isn’t as though we are being “arrogant” or just ignoring your information or documentation. It just isn’t there once you get transferred to us or the call is misdirected. A sales rep isn’t going to have your biling information and a billing agen is going to be able to sell you a phone and rate plan. We have to transfer and it is just done that way. It is like that in most call centers not just T-Mobile.
    Belive me we don’t want to keep you waiting or listen to you gripe or yell at us in our ear with the sensetive headsets..you actually think we do it on purpose? LOL. NO! We want it to be more efficiant so we don’t have to be sounding boards…we don’t enjoy that. We are not instigators! Contrary to what many think we don’t set there all day on the phone, do nothing for hours, and just wait for a call to come in to make fun of the customer while we mute or put them on hold!! A call center is non top , call after call after call twenty-four hours a day! You are lucky sometimes if you get your breaks!! We are not trying to harass or mock you, we want to issue to be resolved so you are happy as a customer and so we don’t have to have verbal arrows shot at us our entire shift. Most of the agents I can promise DO care, we want you to get your order and get good coverage, that is why we check coverage before we even take a new order. We are not “arrogant” or uncaring, condescending people! At least not where I work. I know there are always some jerks..that is anywhere you go. However, at least from my vantage point we DO care and want you to be satisifed as a T-Mobile customer, that is why we do things the way we do, in spite how inconvienant and drawn-out it may seem. Just be patient with us, and please if we say we can’t do something..we are NOT doing it to be jerks, we simply cannot. We would love to, we try..but somethings we just can’t do rather is be technically or policy wise.

  13. I think you are full of it Dreika! I doubt you work for tmobile anyway, but even if you do you are only defending it because you work there and HAVE to. I bet you don’t even use tmobile yourself for your own cell phone.
    I think they suck because I called and they took all my information which i don’t see y and then told me i didn’t qualify based on credit problems well that shouldn’t matter! It ain’t tmobiles business what my credit is and everyone has the right to a phone! you can’t deny someone a phone that is arogant it aint your business who i owe money to if i want a phone with you y’all should just be happy i tried to use your company i think phones and all that need to be free anyway that is a right we should not have to pay for it anything that is a nesasitity should be free, car, money, mediacine, house, school, phones that all should be free. tmobile only wants to do business with rich people i guess so fine there are pre payed phone i can get a walmart!!!!!
    and i do say the peeps who take the calls are jerks and arogant and all you do IS sit there all day doing nothing and then make fun of us on hold i know y’all do! dosen’t take to much smarts anyway to anser phones HAHAHAH!!! best you will ever do.

  14. What is wrong with someone working in a call center? And talk about calling the kettle black…
    You can’t even spell blazin_aztec. You type like you have little more then a fifth grade education level.
    And what is “The best you will ever do…”
    I think working in a call center is a good job, any job is a good job better then not working at all.
    What do you do for a living? I mean with your lack of grammar skills I can’t imagine you do very much.

  15. Have been fighting with TMobile for almost 2 months about credit they owe us. Seems that we were on a smart plan and they where double billing us. No due to moving because my husband is in the Army, and they don’t have service there, they waived the termination fee, but have yet to send out a check for my refund. But they never had a problem turning off my phone if I ever went over my pre set amount. They have been the most difficult company to work with.

  16. I fucking HATE T-Mobile their customer service is AWFUL. You can’t get through to the right person, you right away get to the idiotic sales department that are so poorly trained they can’t answer a simple question all they can do is say, “Thanks for calling T-Mobile can I help you get set up with a line of service?” and beyond that they are as useless a paper weight!!! Then it is always, “Let me transfer you to my supervisor” CLICK and then you are on hold for FUCKING ever. The supervisors…which I think are glorified reps and that is it…are just as stupid and have no clue what to do. What really gets me is that they claim to be berated number 1 with J.D Power & Associates HAHAHA!!! Someone executive in T-Mobile had to pay off JD to say that!!! I would also like to add the reps, sales teams, supervisors whoever you have the unfortunate ordeal of being connected with are Rude , undertrained, sound like they were sleeping before you called, arrogant, interupt, don’t listen, raise their voice to you, lie, lie , lie!!!!, hang-up on you on purpose, make fun of you when they damn well know they did not mute you but said they did, they cuff their hands over their headphone recievers when you are talking so they can have chit chat with the reps seated next to them all the while you are trying desperatly to explain your problem to them, you can hear them screwing around on the internet when they are suppose to be listening, the hold button is their favorite phone feature next to the disconnect button, the background noise in the call centers sounds more like they are having a frat party rather then working on the phone, and what really gets me is this…it seems they DON’T WANT TO SELL YOU A SERVICE OR PHONE…they would rather you get pissed, hang up and cancel service!!! It is like they will do anything to get off the phone and not deal with you. Their inpatience is unbelievable.
    I called tonight…got hung up on twice, transfered to wrong department three times, then somehow got to the slimy, sleezy sales department with this…totally scatterbrained flaky chick who’s name I will leave out. She was sooo nice when she answerd , but so nice she sounded stupid. She of couse tried to get me to open a line of service all the while I am trying to tell her I am ready to cancel service for a multitude of reasons (I won’t get into it here or that is an essay on it’s own) and she like…I don’t know why she pretended I guess to look up my order after prying me for personal information that she should of have…was like, going on about “how is your night?” and just talking about stupid random shit about where she lives and her mom and the phones she lies..it was so ridiculous. It was like she saw we lived in the same state and then went on and on about how she was only a few towns away and whatever…I finally had to cut her off and say, “Leaving name out, I need to figure out what is going on with this charge on my bill and where the hell is my order, I don’t want to talk about your mom and how the weather is in your town!!” THEN out of nowhere she turned into raging bitch from hell and told me that I, ME, I!!! Needed to keep it professinal or SHE would disconnect the call!! AFTER she went on for about ten minutes laughing and telling me about her mom’s business and what phone she likes, her aunt’s birthday her stupid dog and diabetes as if I care and it obvious I did not..she told ME to keep it professinal. I was just setting there thinking, “You sound so stupid!” the whole time she was jabbering on about nothing when she was suppose to be searching my order. Then she told me she was trying to keep the conversation going because their system ..whatever softeware they use to take orders, was slow..well isn’t that just convienant? I think she was to utterly stupid to even know what was going on..so then when I told her I will raise my voice if I want because of the problems I have been having with no resolution for the past week and how I have been ignored, put on hold, transfered and hung up on for three days that I have the right to be a bit unprofessinal and I didn’t call to have a nice chit chat about fucking dogs and what cute thing your mom got you for your stupid cubicle!! She just started I mentioned that I liked a certain phone but not happy with the service and I asked if she had ever dealt with that , she said yes and that is when next thing I know twenty minutes later she is telling me about some stupid picture her mom got her for her cubicle..I was dumbfounded I wanted to ask if that was a joke!!! So then …I got hung up on because I was not “professinal.”
    So I take a deep breath, wait about an hour..call back praying I don’t get that nit wit again. Well I didnt..but I got someone just as fucking stupid!!!!
    They just talk about stupid shit and laugh like they are your best friend and you are setting there red with anger and frustration and they are laughing like you are having some lighthearted conversation.
    I still never had anything resolved, now I have an early cancellation fee because some supervisor Ifinally got too cancelled me without me saying yes…so I am fighting with them and ready to get a lawyer!!!! It is asinine THEN i found out…T-Mobile does not even use actual T-Mobile employees in their call centers!! That explains a lot they use some call center in Colorado called Center Partners that has a contract with a million other companies!! So that is why they have no cllue what is happening, one call is a T-Mobile call and the next could be QWEST and then DirecTV so that is why they know nothing about what you are calling about , they don’t even work just for T-Mobile they take calls for a million companies. Now I would like to say this…when I found this out and found out what companies this call center takes calls for…EVERY one of these companies from T-Mobile to QWEST To DirectTV ALL have very poorly rated customer service…hmmmm.
    So after i found that out I realized T-Mobile isn’t the issue at all..it is this contracted call center. So I tried to call this call center and get some answers and figure out why they hire such idiots to represent these hugh nationwide comapnies…and yep , nothing, no answers..thenI tried to tell the receptionist that they poorly represent these companies and that is very sad and if I hired people to take my business’s calls and found out they were doing such a piss poor job I would be fireing off people one by one!!!. I got hung up on again and told if I have issues with T-Mobile to contact T-Mobile!!!! ARRGGGHH THAT IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO DO AND THAT IS WHY I AM PISSED AND NOW CALLING THE ACTUAL CALL CENTER LOCATION ITSELF!!!!! I can’t call T-Mobile and get anything resolved!!! I almost wanted to drive down there since I only live three towns away!!! BUT I didn’t…then I WOULD BE arressted or something. The whole thing is crap…and this Center Partners needs to do employee deep cleaning if you know what I mean and hire some people who know what they are doing or train them better, have some monitors or something!!! However, when it comes down to it…it is T-Mobile’s fault for not monitoring itself themselves better and making personal checks on the people they contract to do be their ..of all people, front line people! T-Mobile shame on you, you better look into the contractors you hire, they are losing you customers and have already tarnished your reputation!!!

    1. You seem to be very misguided on how Center Partners works.

      “one call is a T-Mobile call and the next could be QWEST and then DirecTV so that is why they know nothing about what you are calling about” – No, that is not at all the case. The company is split into departments and every employee works for one and only one client. The T-Mobile people you talk to on the phone ONLY work for T-Mobile. Their name badges have the T-Mobile logo on them and the desk they sit at is in a room full of other T-Mobile employees and T-Mobile adornments on the wall. The same is true for all of Center Partners’ other clients. It’s just like working for the company, but there’s a third party involved. It’s called outsourcing.

      What that girl was doing on the phone was called friendliness. She sounded “so nice she sounded stupid” because she was doing her job. She was being friendly, probably because that’s how she was trained to handle imbecilic balls of rage such as yourself. She was trying to get you to add another line because, again, that’s her fucking job. Retention. That’s the WHOLE POINT. I don’t know if this is a trade secret or not but now you know. When you cancel pretty much anything, you talk to some poor sap who was unfortunate enough to be placed in retention and whose job it is to try to convince you otherwise. Finally, “keep it professional” is what she said because you were being a rude asshole when she was trying to be friendly. There are other ways to let someone know you want to get to the point.

      I realize that this post is from 2006, and you will likely never read this, but I REALLY needed to do some therapeutic venting. I’m an 18 year old part time college student and I hate my life because my fucking job sucks because I have to talk to assholes like you every day. But after 7 months of unemployment and running out of college money fast, I was desperate for this job so I have to keep it for a while. The day I can quit this shit is a day that will be worthy of much rejoicing. As for you, if you continue to look at things the same way and think you can go through life being rude to everyone that inconveniences you, you will not have an easy life.

  17. Wow, you’re so inconsiderate. I understand that you were likely frustrated when you called in. Nobody in their right mind would ever waste their time calling cust. service if they didn’t have a good reason to call. Nonetheless it sounded like the reps you spoke to were trying their best to help you and maybe even try to take your mind off of the problem while they were bring up the information.
    Get a grip.

  18. i am not going into detail but i thought they were great till tonight when they told me one thing and did not do it spent hours on the phone with them to find out that they dont care about there customers

  19. i fucking hate t mobile, dont ever use them. i get the worst service out here in sarasota, FL. As soon as i want to send a messege or make a call all my bars disappear and i cant do shit with my phone. Its like they know when i want to use the phone and theyre just fucking with me or something.
    As for cust. service i dunno, i do everything through a automated machine, which sucks by the way. The machine sucks my ass, they give you one number to write down, which i cant always get because the phone cuts out because of the bad service, then i call another number and punch that number in to get my minutes and right in the middle of that shit, the call is dropped so i have to go through all that bs again… i shit on t moblie. i’m switching.

  20. I have been a loyal customer of t-mobile for many years. In fact they have been good to me until this year.
    It all happened when my daughter had to leave Ohio and a very bad situation she was in.
    She ended up with her phone and the guy she was leaving and no money to pay it since she had just moved in a rush to Dallas.
    These phones were on a plan with about 18 months left on the contract.
    The way things were she said that she had no choice but to break the contract with t-mobile.
    I told her that doing that was not a good solution. So I called t-mobile to see if they could help us out and let her do the right thing by finishing her contract.
    The customer service rep said that she could help her out by putting us all on a family plan. I told her that was great. I asked her what the charges were. She said that since she had let her phones go delinquent that we would have to pay to bring them up to date and I gave her my credit card for the charge. She then told me that there would be an extra charge of $9 for her phones per month that I agreed to.
    I told her that I wanted everything to be moved to my account being billed to me. I then asked if her account was closed and she said that it was. I then hung up the phone.

    Everything was great until my Daughter received a bill from t-mobile for extra charges of $150. There was all kind of charges with most of them reactivation charges.

    I feel that I was lied to because I was never told about these charges. Once again t-mobile has lost a customer because of poor customer service reps!


  21. Wow–I’m so sorry to hear that all of you have had such a rough experience with T-Mobile. I actually work in a call center as a general care representative, and everything you all have complained about should not be happening at all. So I really am sorry that your experience as customers have been poor.
    While the issues you present are clearly inconveniences or mistreatments to you, I do recommend that, when calling in, to keep your composure. It’s really easy to get upset and frustrated on the phone, yelling at the person you cannot see. Just remember that you have another human being on the line, and your anger doesn’t help resolve the issue. In fact, it makes your likeliness of getting a resolution far less, as our ability to effectively and efficiently work out your issue becomes severely handicapped by your distracting and frustrating screams. I will actually go one step further in saying that not only have you getting upset, but you are negatively effecting a person’s ability to do their job well, not only with you, but with the next person down the line as well. Angry and difficult customers stick with us, and we do feel bad for what you are going for. Let’s just try to be adults in how we deal with issues.
    At any rate, I don’t expect this message to change the way you feel, but I do hope it gives you an insight into conducting business over the telephone, not just with T-Mobile, but with every other company that you call. Sure, you may have been wronged in some way, but you need to take some responsibility as well, and you can do that being more civil on the phone.

  22. T-mobile really sucks!!! I can get reception anywhere. A freakin piece of paper jams my signal. I highly do not recommend them to anyone. You are guranteed to be fustrated up your out hole.

  23. Wow, so I found where all the stupid people who end up calling me go to bitch about the service.

    Listen, jackasses: First of all, don’t just push random buttons on your phone when you get the automated directory. If you call Sales, we’re going to try to sell you something. It’s your own damn fault you aren’t reaching the right department.

    Second of all, T-Mobile and Center Partners are both businesses. No, we are not going to wave fees that you brought on yourself by being stupid. I find myself trying to help people out when more often than not it’s they themselves who screw something up and then whine at me about it.

    Thirdly, don’t take out your beef with T-Mobile on some poor representative who’s just doing their job. You wouldn’t like it very much if I called your job and complained constantly about things that are entirely out of your control.

    Maybe you should pay attention, read the terms and conditions and not use up a hundred thousand extra minutes that aren’t on your plan. If there is ANY fee or charge on your bill, T-Mobile is required to tell you about it. If there is a fee or charge on your bill that you weren’t aware of, it’s your own damn fault for not paying attention.

    Also, stop asking for free blackberries. Holy hell.

  24. T-mobile is the best that fits me because:

    1. Has the cheapest rate plans
    2. Has 5 Bars in the Los Angeles Area
    3. Has wonderful customer representatives
    4. Cause ATT sucks!!!

    haha!! I love tmobile!!!


  25. T-mobile is rubbish. It’s not worth it at all!! Reception sucks, customer service sucks, and it’s expensive.

    I would not recommend T-mobile to anyone!!

  26. T-mobile is complete rubbish. The worst phone company in the world. They make me literatally sick to the stomach as my phone i ordered did not arrive and when i phoned them the people did not even speak english.

  27. Unfortunately, T is currently my cell provider and service could definitely be better. Reception on the military base I work on is very poor which forces me to call forward my cell. Not good when you’re away from your desk. When I first bought my contract, the sales rep explained “reception should be good” as he referenced the reception map in the flyer. So I call customer care on 3 different occasions to see what the problem was and here are the 3 responses I got: 1) “the signal tower is down in the area and we have someone working on it,” 2) “we’ll be installing more towers in that area within the next year for better reception,” & 3) “yes the reception is bad in that area and if you have more people call to voice their concern, towers may go up sooner.” I’ve had T for 14 months now and zero-zilch-nada; absolutely no progress. I’ve been conned by the sales rep and call center with their BS. This is the 4th provider I’ve tried and by far the worst reception. I just want them to cancel my contract and be able to port my number of 12 years. I can’t wait for the misery and inconvenience to be over. Beware – T may be inexpensive but you get what you pay for. If the cancellation fee wasn’t so much, I’d be with a different provider already. Maybe T should invest more $ in infrastructure instead of hiring celebrities for their commercials. Can you name another provider that does it? CONSIDER YOUR SELF WARNED…STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!! there…I’m off my soap box

  28. You people all need to get a grip…..Go to other providers, see how it works out for you when you have a actual billing issue that was not caused by your own stupidity—for example, enjoying 250 minutes OVER the allotted amount on your plan- or a defect with a phone that requires a replacement. GOOD LUCK! I work at Tmobile and have been a loyal customer for 8 years with the company…never have I seen a company take such a proactive approach to not only pleasing their customers, but doing everything in their absolute power to make sure an issue they are having is resolved….They exhibit ownership for their problems and will admit to absolute mistakes…
    If you people are having so many problems….it may be your attitudes and the way you appraoch the situation….you need to give people a CHANCE to help you! Yelling and calling out names will get you absolutely nowhere with pretty much any company you try to call….How do you like it? Grow up.

  29. T-Mobile sucks plain and simple. I am stuck to their plan though I can’t get reception over a year and I live in the Hollywood, not even the hills; go figure…

    Horrible customer service from greedy and non-intelligent beings waisting my time on the phone for no resolution.

    I bet in 10 years tops, this company will be extinct…Can’t wait!

  30. T- Mobile sucks! I hate them I am not the head tittle holder on the account so I can do anything! My album on the web ended up with bad pictures on it and I want them off, but I cant! I hope that some one sees them and files a law suit aganist t mobile! ugh! they suck!

  31. I hate tmobile! everyone i know has verizon and the worst thing about it is that i can’t do anything about it! And the head tittle holder on the acount is my mom and she says she’s been with tmobile for 10 years and won’t swich no matter how much i bug her about it! it’s sooo depressing. 🙁

  32. tmobile is absoultely a garbage company! Their singals are very weak. You can not have singals in many city buildings which Verizon & AT&T give you very good singals. tmobile’s service is even worse!!! when i tranfer my family plan to another provider, they just hold one of the numbers and keep biling me for mothly family plan. On the day, I transfered to another provider, I actualy went to local tmobile store and the clerk there told me all my family numbers already went to verizon. Verizon also told me when the primary number transfer to them, the family plan’s others numbers also follows. tmobile’s service people keep saying Verizon transfered my other numbers, but left one with tmobile. They are very bad service and I will suggest any people who want tmobile must very very careful with their service. I end up with bad singals, bad services and need pay more than hundred dollars extra which we never used the serivces.

    I 100% agree tmobile sucks. they are a little cheap than others but they do not worth the money you pay at all!

  33. I hear a lot of people are not super happy about the t-mobile service here. I am seriously considering getting tmobile because of the blackberry and the lower priced plans for my work. I found the blackberry 8700g online for free with a free bluetooth headset at

    Does ayone have any experience with the service on a blackberry with T-Mobile? And is this a good deal?

  34. I’ve had T-Mobile for 3 years and I’ve had no problems.You people that bitch all the time about them havent got a life.If you dont like it cancel it and suck up the 200$ cancellation charge and stop bitching to sites like this.

  35. I work for T-Mobile. But I have a new concept that MOST of the people who post on this site haven’t seen. Honesty. If I know of a better deal, even with another company, I’ll guide you to it. Granted, the higher ups don’t care for this, I’d much rather be honest with someone, than have them come back a week later, raising hell, and pointing fingers. Too bad the corporate world can’t grasp this concept. If they could, sites like this wouldn’t need to exist. To those of you who have LEGITIMATE complaints, they can be worked out. To those of you who are 14 years old and mad because your phone was taken away, and you’re blaming T-Mobile…get a life.

  36. I am currently on one of four phone calls tonight, I have been on hold around 2 hours and I am livid! On a monthly basis i get text messages from 724 which is T- Mobile stating that my minutes have been renewed, my problem with this is the fact that i get the messages at 5 am and I want them to stop. I have spoken to numerous representatives and they say they cant stop sending the messages. I’m sorry but who pays for my service? I DO thats who and I don’t understand why they don’t have the ability to do what I tell them to do. The supervisor that I just spoke to who’s name is Ashley just told me to turn my phone off if I don’t want to get the messages that early, and once again….I pay for my service and I don’t have a cell phone so I can get messages from them at 5 in the fucking morning… I have it for emergencies, but I shouldn’t have to justify or explain my reasons for having my phone. They should just do what I am asking them to do and stop sending the messages. This is absolutely amazing that I have to deal with these people for something that they should just say “I’m sorry Jamillah, I’ll have that turned off for you” but then again that would mean they actually did their jobs. I have been on the phone for over two hours right now and I am livid. The customer service sucks and I have been on hold for an hour of that time. I just got hung up on which is funny, I requested a sup and the rep named Ian just told me that there are no sups currently working and he was disconnecting the call just before he told me to listen to myself by the way. Now I know there is at least one sup there because I just finished yelling at her for calling me ignorant and telling me to turn off my phone, this company is great let me tell you! I ask for an employee number and the CEO’s name and corporate address and they hang up, great example of service!

  37. Tmobile sucks.First they have the worst phone collection and the phones are outrageous. For instance a Blackberry curve with ATT will cost you roughly 49-74.99, however with tmobile it will be 249.99 (after mail in rebate)! Second the only place you can upgrade your phone is a tmobile store. A lot of times Bestbuy, walmart, radioshack, carry cell phones and offer upgrades a lot cheaper than what the actual carrier is selling em for. For instance an upgrade for a Blackberry curve with ATT would be 149.99 from ATTs website but Bestbuy offers it for 99.99(with no mail in rebates)! Lastly their service sucks. Their data plans are like dial up internet. They do not have 3G network. Sure they are cheaper than most carriers but is it really worht savin the extra 5-10 dollars a month. Honestly, I would not recommend anyone going with TMOBILE. Also all the cool GSM(SIM CARD) phones go staright to ATT. For instance the blackjack, palm treo, palm centro, ATT TITL, I could go on and on. I havent really tried any opther carrier except for ATT. I never go over with their roll over minutes. Any one who is havign problems with tmobile, I would recommend give ATT/Cingular a Shot…

  38. T-Mobile customer service is the worst. Can easily tell the company isn’t concerned with customer retention. I signed up with T-Mobile at the begining of May 2008 and it has been a month now and must say the customer service is the worst out of any other carrier I have used including AT&T, Cingular, Nextel, and Verizon.


  39. you’re all raving lunatics. READ the contract. READ the coverage map. READ the rate chart. Then pick the company that SUITS your NEEDS. Try not to call up with your ASS showing instead of your smile. THEN you will be served by a CARING rep who will bend RULES to help you IF POSSIBLE. Do NOT look for any rep to kiss your ass after you VENT your shitty attitude all over them. They work eight to ten hours a day putting up with GREAT customers and COMPLETE JERKS. Which do you think gets the rep’s BEST work? State your problem, let the rep make some small talk so they can have a little TIME to screw with eight computer programs to look at your issues and resolve them. DO NOT PRATTLE, it’s distracting and hampers your resolution. We’re so damn glad to have a truly NICE caller we’d give them the key to the place if they wanted it. Wake up and smell the coffee people.

  40. I agree, T-Mobile bites the big one. If one is going to try T-Mobile service, I recommend the FLEX pay program, since there is a month-to-month prepaid full service. In the SF Bay Area, the surprising thing is that Metro PCS and Boost Mobile have great reception (even underground) where other carriers would not work at all. Haven’t a clue as to why, but do know that there are no contracts for either service. Strange, I HAD T-Mobile Flex on the MDA (their HTC-brand Mobile Windows device); FLEX gives you five dollars free service, but I had the Fav Five plan, with minutes, but never used up the five dollars of free calling for trying FLEX… in fact, I never renewed after the first month BUT because I never used up the free five dollars worth of calls, I still have internet access on the device after almost a year. Weird. I have called TMobile to make sure, doubly-damn sure, and triply so, that I am not obligated for any charges. Kept a log of folks I talked with over the last several months (never know) and they assured me that I owe nothing UNLESS I want to reactivate the FLEX plan (no desire, T-Mobile cell service sucks dry ice compared to much cheaper unlimited services).

  41. After our phone was stolen, I was notified that we are responsible for calls made until we called the. Fortunately it was only 1 day and the weekend. Verizon asks when the phone was stolen, and voids the thiefs calls. They figure it is bad enough you had your phone stolen, and probably otheer stuff, why punish you more. I guess T-Mobile has to pay for Catherine Zeta-Jones. After we went to the store we were treated very poorly (ignored while the 2 employees took turns taking breaks). After walking out, I was treated very well by a rep on the phone. I was ready to bail when he sent me over to the cancellation agent. He informed me if we cancel before March 09 we will be hit with an early cancellation fee. It worked! He retained us until March 09! After years of ignoring the biannual upgrades, and paying the bill on time we were hit with an early cancellation because her daughter upgraded her phone. All I wanted was a little break because we hadn’t used the upgrades. I will let everyone know to avoid T-Mobile like the plague!

  42. I hate t-mobile too. I have had nothing but problems since my fiance signed us both on for the one year plan. The sales people lie, and the woman who sold us the plan and our phones told us we were getting top of the line, new, Samsung phones. When something went wrong with mine, I tried to get a replacement, only to find out that this was an old phone that had been discontinued. I purchased a razor, which I would never do again. I have had to have it replaced 4 times, once because my phone was lost (my fault, I admit) but the other times were all because the replacement phone was defective, not once, but 3 times! The customer service people had attitudes, and were downright rude. I was also getting harrassing calls from an ex-friend, and customer service told me they could change my phone number. They didn’t tell me there was a fifteen dollar charge for it at the time, which I didn’t change it at that time, anyway. My fiance later had it changed for me, and we did get charged fifteen dollars. I have wanted to get out of this plan for months, but was told that just to cancel my line I’d have to fork over $300. Insane. I used to have Virgin Mobile, and I have to say that I was happier with their service. Also, t-mobile won’t answer emails (why do they even have an email address?!) and I have been unable to access my photo album for months. When I call, they say they don’t know why that is. One customer service person said the site was down for repairs, but I still can’t access my photo album, and now I can’t even log into my account at all.
    The other day, while walking past a t-mobile booth in the mall, some pushy sales people were calling out to me to stop and listen to their sales pitch. I told them I already had t-mobile and I couldn’t wait till my contract was over. They kept asking why, and I told them they have horrible customer service, as well as other problems. They offered to give me a free phone. Yeah, right. I just kept walking,and I plan to walk away from this plan and never look back once it’s over.

  43. Oh yeah, if I can’t find another plan that’s actually decent, I will go back to Virgin Mobile. At least the customer service people there actually cared and emailed me back, and fixed any problems I may have had while using their service. It may be a pay as you go phone, but it’s far more convenient than dealing with t-mobile and their crap.

  44. First of all I would like to say for anyone looking to get t-mobile service to go to t-mobile.com and go to their message boards. Tmobile has 32 millions customers and there are not even a hundred of them on here sounding off about bs. Tmobile just started offering customers who have been with them for two years of longer a rate plan with unl min for 49.99 a month without a contract renewal. I can promise you there is not another company out there who will reward you more for loyalty than tmobile will. If people call in screaming at a rep, guess what that rep will do? The exact thing you would do if someone was in your face screaming at you. Either shut down or wish they could knock your teeth out. Do you think that’s going to get your matters taken care of? I actually got a call the other day from a guy wanting his phone replaced bc he called it from his landline and it rang once on his landlines end before the cell started ringing. Does no one understand this is what we put up with all day! Grow up, stop being headcases and when you call us with a LEGIT problem, be courteous, state what your calling about and let us help you! We really want to. We as reps get bonus’ raises and promotions based on how happy YOU are with our interaction with you. No other company offers incentives for reps to be nice to customers like tmobile does. So let us be nice to you. That’s why we have the j.d. power award for best customer service from a wireless carrier. If you do unfortunately get someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about, hang up and call back and you will most likely get an outstanding rep who can solve your problem. Lastly, those of you who spend your lives complaining about every little thing… you will regret one day when your life is over and you realize how many other things you could have done with your time. Btw I’m typing this on my g1 baby! And it is awesome.

  45. THE SERVICE SUCKS!!!! I have been fighting with the idiots for almost two months and I still drop every call I make. It has actually gotten worse! On top of it all, they keep telling me my phone that they talked me into buying is the problem. So the last one they sent me out is defective and now they won’t take it back. I sent a perfectly working phone into them. I understand why their prices are so good, they don’t actually offer any service to you so it really doesn’t cost them a dime! I HATE T-MOBILE!!!!! If anyone is thinking about changing over to them, DON”T!

  46. tmobile SUCKS!!!!!!!!!! there r phones that are touchscreens with a keyboard on other companies and its cheaper, and thres no reception anywhere there phones have no style i would rather have verizon

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