3 thoughts on “What's Up at Gear6? Nothing Good, We Hear”

  1. The entire appliance methodology is so ill-conceived…or,,,,just not destined to domiate. XML appliances – fail. Integration boxes….mostly fail with one exception and the exception is the clever marketing.

    Memecached boxes? Are we saying that installing and configuring a performance add-on (designed to address limitation of an era of DB servers) is too hard?

    I was unfortunately tasked with evaluating the 06-07 era of “boxes” – I cooked off with them, I surveyed real installations, and may I say the following, nothing has changed my mind –

    The “xxx” (puit your technology there in the XXX) is merely a way for less sophisticated buyers to sign off on a piece of special tech that really belongs on general purpose server, a VM, or supplied by your managed services or Colo provider.

  2. What are thoughts of memcached (or redis for that matter) as a simple, worry-free elastic service rather than a virtual appliance (more of an S3 model)?

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