6 thoughts on “Quora Now Owns All Your Content”

  1. Do you know of any services that claim the right to “on sell” your content? I think Threadless had it at one stage – if you create a cool t-shirt that is popular, they could license it out and not pay you diddly.
    I understand Quora are covering themselves in case a screenshot of your personal details ends up in a newspaper, but I’m interested in monetary gain from ripping off the members. Any examples? 🙂
    Laurel @SilkCharm

  2. as it relates to facebook’s ToS, the excerpt you show, “You own all of the content and information you post on Facebook, and you can control how it is shared through your privacy and application settings.” is somewhat misleading since they don’t let you control the set of data they label as “public” which includes your friends list.

    the CEO that replaced mark pincus at tribe networks in 2005 tried this exact approach and witnessed the wrath and upheaval of its user community. while i don’t subscribe to quora’s approach at least they’re being up front, unlike facebook’s bait & switch on privacy policies.

  3. sounds just like the proposed terms of service facebook was forced to scrap last summer… i wouldn’t comply…

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