8 thoughts on “Get Ready For Online Video Price Wars”

  1. I was talking about GUBA this weekend with Matt Levine from CacheFly and we thought it was interesting that GUBA was working so closely with the movie industry after being at odds with them for so long. Maybe the fear of being sued by the RIAA and MPAA became so great they actually decided to cease the usenet download business.

  2. Interesting to read a report on the coming age of online movie download services without having Netflix being mentioned. Are they still having issues worked out with the studios and DRM? Would they “miss the boat” if they don’t resolve these issues quickly before other players launch and gain traction?

  3. david

    couple of things about GUBA. They have basically spun out their USENET search business purely for the reasons you mention. It is not surprising because it could have become a big issue for them going forward.

    Apart from that, the founders are smart – they want to be able to cash in on the current boom. playing by the rules helps them exit their business easily.

  4. which movies will you be able to downlaod off of Guba on DVD-day? Is it a good selection because so far the DVD lag time has been significant (save for a few exceptions.) Also, when are companies going to realize that most people probably don’t want to watch movies on their PCs? What did I buy a home entertainment system for?

  5. When a company comes out with a Netflix type subscrption model( at the same price or lower ) and possibly a set top box that plugs into the TV so you can use your braodband connection to download movies , the game is over for the rest of the players.

  6. Ron, isn’t that the whole place-shifting shtick? You download on your computer, you shoot it wirelessly to your TV, and get to watch it on the big TV? That’s why the whole download movie thing makes sense to me, but heck, that’s the whole digital living room scenario.

  7. I believe a service like Akimbo is an example of “When a company comes out with a Netflix type subscrption model and possibly a set top box that plugs into the TV…”

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