38 thoughts on “Giga Omni Media Acquires TheAppleBlog”

  1. Good, now get on Jobs’ ass to release a new Newton MessagePad with OS X and iPhone technology. The Macbook is too big, the iPhone is too small, but you now control the publication of a decent site that can rattle Mr. Jobs and the R&D team to bring me, at least, what I want.

    Congrats, by the way.

  2. @Zee, @aaron and @ Allen – thanks a bunch for your comments. We need to focus on quality people and i think that is the best way to go forward in today’s competitive times.

    @allen, seems like that but we are almost virtual even now 🙂

  3. Two folks who I respect a lot — John Gruber and Rui Carmo — advised me that the world doesn’t need yet another Mac blog.

    Gee, why on earth would they say that? 🙂 I kid, I kid… acquisition was probably the right move. And hey, they run WordPress, which makes me happy!

  4. the big question – when will GigaOm or Battelle’s Federated (clearly competing now as blog networks) – get acquired by a larger network? and what will control by a larger publisher or ad network do to the nature of blog content when that happens. And it will.

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