3 thoughts on “Gizmo is not Skype, and Skype is not Gizmo”

  1. Gizmo may be better for many reasons, but open source can not be one of them. I thought they even said that their license with GIPS prohibits them from making it open source; but then I might be confusing it with somebody else.

    But more importantly, SIPPhone server and not Gizmo mediates your identity and your buddies. That is the catch.

  2. Not entirely true. I tried Gizmo and couldn’t find a way to connect it to my own VoIP provider whatsoever.

    SipPhone has also removed the XTen Pro product which I was trying to purchase so that I can connect to my OWN VoIP provider.

    It seems, just like everyone else in the VoIP industry, they are trying to lock you into using their service.

    That just sucks.


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