2 thoughts on “For Huawei, US Telecom Market Not That Easy”

  1. Yup, read that article. One thing, I have bsnl broadband and for some reason I needed an extra splitter. Since bsnl gives out huawei modems, I thought I’d ask huawei bangalore for a splitter. Searched on the web for the address, phone no. and found out.. here’s the kicker, they are based in The Leela Palace Hotel bangalore. They have rented out a few suites there.

    At first I thought this was an anomaly or it was some conference info but I called up the phone no. listed and it was indeed huawei bangalore. And leela is the top(and costliest) 5 star hotel in bangalore. Just imagine setting up permanent shop in the hilton. Huawei sure isn’t hurting here. Headcount here is more than 1000(mainly in gurgaon).

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