4 thoughts on “Go Moto Go”

  1. Where does he come up with that number? They shipped 22.4 million phones in Q4 of 2003, they shipped 25.3 million phones in Q1 of 2004 and now they are going to essentially double the number of phones they ship to 39.5 million? Seems a bit implausable.

  2. well i did not get his complete report. so i am confused. i have emailed him and see what i get. anyway it seems that motorola has started shipping new PCS/CDMA handsets and that’s where the upside is going to come from.

  3. Let’s also consider Samsung’s numbers – which were great. Samsung shipped 22.7 million units in 2Q, up from 20.1 million in 1Q. So the most, I believe, we could expect is maybe a 10-15% uptick? 40-50% seems even more far out based on Samsung’s numbers….and those guys make great phones.

  4. Moto’s phones are selling well but I do not believe they are going to “crush” the numbers. June was a slow month for the CE industry. Also, if Motorola did inded have a “blow-out” quarter they may “deffer” some revenues to Q3

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