6 thoughts on “The State of Google Apps”

  1. Om, you missed out an important point: Google has achieved great efficiencies in managing this cloud stuff (some efficiencies of scale, and some genuine innovations, like power consumption for servers) – that enables them to price these things the way they do. Going forward, this would be their single largest advantage. There is only one other player who comes even close: Amazon.

  2. Sure would be nice if Google could offer consistent and reliable full access in China (around China’s Great Firewall) to all G-Apps modules/services. Right now we can access documents but not spreadsheets. We can access gmail but not google sites. It’s a major obstacle for companies — read: would-be customers — tiny (like us, 8 people) and large that have global operations and people working in, or traveling to, the most dynamic economy in the world.

  3. remember the vertical stack computer companies of the 1960’s and 1980’s? that model broke apart. and, oh by the way, there was time share at that time too (primitive cloud computing). msft is no slouch … azure is and will be substantial … for the enterprise, everyone is thinking about this from oracle to vmware. this race is hardly over … in fact, just beginning.

  4. To Scoopster888:
    China invited to itself the problem of non-participation in Google’s ecosystem by its citizens. Your government went hammer and tongs at it, imposing its paranoid Animal Farm control freak psychology, so you don’t get to benefit. Hard luck.

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