3 thoughts on “Nearly 300M VoIP Subscribers Seen By 2013”

  1. While VoIP over 3G is finally starting to open up, we’re already hearing rumors that AT&T may change up their wireless data plans in what will likely be an effort to head off any reduction in voice revenues as a result of increased VoIP calling. When I first heard about AT&T and Apple opening up the 3G network to VoIP, I wondered how long it would take before these increased data rate rumblings started to surface. Well, it didn’t take long.

    Personally, I’m already running a VoIP app over an Apple iPhone, and it is set up so that it registers with the same service provider as my home VoIP (no additional charge). Works pretty good on 3G, and is great on Wi-Fi.

    Since we have CLEAR WiMAX here in Austin, I’m going to work on a project where I use a 4G USB modem with a Cradlepoint Wi-Fi router and try to do all my calling using VoIP on an iPod Touch. The plan is, to get away from the cellular carriers all together. I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. I have a feeling that number will be hit a lot sooner then 2013. The penetration of VOIP on mobile is happening a lot faster then predicted.Monetizing VOIP as mentioned will be the challenge as users expect everything for free.

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