8 thoughts on “U.S. Mobile Market: Highly Competitive, and the iPhone Still Rocks”

  1. That fact that more Blackberries are shipped, it is THE kingmaker, the iPhone is only some mere court functionary.

  2. “U.S. Mobile Market: Highly Competitive…”

    Wow, one of the most misleading headlines I’ve ever read. Nothing in the post at all to support it.

  3. Ah Tim, what a PC statement — as in Personally Challenged. You obviously have contempt for the iPhone and likely its users, even in the face of it’s amazing numbers. But to support Blackberry? They weren’t even mentioned here, likely since they are just one in what is quickly becoming many mobile multitasking tools.
    Can you say Google phone? Most businesses cannot, but since when does corporate America adapt quickly to change? Blackberry users still think getting email on their phones is a big deal. As the next two years wear on, the battle will come down to Google and iPhone, with the Blackberry business users slipping farther and farther onto the far fringes of mobile bliss.

    1. still, more Blackberries were shipped in 4th quarter 2009 than iPhones, supposedly when the Apple’s overhype machine is working overtime for its iToy.

      1. You must be counting the “buy one, get one free” Blackberries that were promoted around the holidays, right? Funny, I don’t remember iPhones being desperate like that, likely because Apple understands that you don’t give away something that is in demand and highly desirable. And by the way, just because more people a product buy a product (or get it for free) doesn’t mean that the product is of good quality. Just look at the volume done by Wal-Mart.

      2. Very few carriers worldwide did that “buy one, get one free” promotion, while the Apple overhype machine was relentless, and still Blackberry buried the iPhone. If the iPhone is so in demand and highly desirable, no need for Steve Jobs then to slash its price- and he did, to get it moving. And just because you have money to blow on overpriced Apple fashion trinkets, don’t knock Wal-Mart, an affordable shopping place for many working-class people.

      3. Ah Tim, again with the highest sales argument. As I wrote, a high volume of sales doesn’t mean a product is high quality. Most sold hamburgers? McDonald’s. Chicken? KFC. Pens? Bic. Computer OS? Windows.
        They’re all good. Just not great.
        You obviously have some pent up aggression against greatness, or uniqueness, or whatever and seek to minimize the iPhone’s abilities by calling it a toy, trinket, or whatever. So be it. Fact is, I can do everything with an iPhone that you can do with your Blackberry (except see Flash websites, if you can even do that). But then I can also do at least 100 more things that are valuable to me and every user I know.
        So try it. You’ll like it. And like nearly all of us, you’ll never turn back. Trust me.

      4. This all started when I pointed out the fact that more Blackberries are shipped, it is THE kingmaker. The iToy is used by some Apple fanbois, and it’s ending up at a knock on KFC.

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