9 thoughts on “Google Calendar now with event-tracking”

  1. Om, I’ve been wondering for a while, did you grow up in New York? If not, how did you become a Yankees fan? It’s refreshing to get a little bit of Yankees support while going through my tech feeds every day, even if it is sort of masochistic support these days.

  2. Evan

    I lived in NY for a long time, learnt baseball the “television” way and fell in love with the game and the yankees. and that is when they were bad – like bad like now. Saw the dynasty form, and then whither away. unfortunately, all the haters are having their just desserts. but we shall overcome as they say.

  3. Well, as Om has said this is a feature that has been available to Mac users for a long time. In fact, I believe this feature has been available within gcal for a long time.

    Unfortunately, this is hardly a repository of “public” calendars because they can only be added to Google Calendar which seems contrary to “making the world’s information universally available.”

    Seems like a no brainer to offer this info in ics, rss, and hcal but Google has chosen not to.

    We plan to open up something similar from events.30boxes.com and it will be open to all front end calendars.

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