6 thoughts on “Google Counsel: Misquoted”

  1. I think the rest of his quote is worth mentioning

    Someone who saw the panel compared this bit of journalism to the story about the guy who is getting beat up by the goon squad for being a Communist. He says, “But I’m not a Communist, I’m an Anti-Communist.” The head goon says, “I don’t care what kind of Communist you are,” as they continue the beating.

    It is also worth mentioning that on lightreading the paragraph following the quote mentions that he was attributing the ideas to others. However, the way those paragraphs are written in lightreading is certainly sensationalizing the episode and leads the reader to misinterpretation (particularly the title).

    That said, kudos to Om for posting your mistake in such a transparent way. It is nice to see all the history of the mistake posted right in the blog entry so that checking it out is only a click away.

  2. I always use tape in an interview. I learned that tool back when UPI was a real news service. My bet is that the quote is reasonably accurate.

    The best news quote I ever read was in the Wall Street Journal aand began like this … “I wouldn’t want to be quoted on this in the Wall Street Journal…

    Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer points out that the truth is always less than the facts.

  3. I should have been more clear. I meant to say it’s rare to see corrections in the media and to thank you as we weren’t likely to see a correction made elsewhere.

  4. thanks victor. clearly, when you are wrong you are just wrong. and that includes linking to someone who is wrong.

    i have always tried to use the same rules of engagement on the blog as i do in my journalist life. of course to not do that would mean disrespecting the readers who spend time here.

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