12 thoughts on “For Mac Users, Many Feed Reader Choices.”

  1. Um. Hasn’t everyone forgotten about Safari? Say what you like about feed readers but I don’t really no anyone – other than a few hard core geeks – who started using feeds before Safari 2.0 hit the streets last year. And, as nice as any of these readers are, I doubt anyone – other than a few hard core geeks – will ever be using them.

  2. I tried out endo, and feature-wise, I love it. Interface-wise, eh… not so much. And right now, as I sort of implied in the link above, interface is the most important thing for desktop aggregators. I’ll stick to NNW for now.

  3. I like the addition of “Post to del.icio.us” in the new version of NNW, even though there has been some discussion about whether targeting a specific social bookmarking service is the right way to go. Brent’s obviously taken a position here, and I gotta say I think balkanizing bookmarks is a bigger negative than going with del.icio.us.

    I’m also happy to see integration with del.icio.us posting app Pukka — after using Cocoalicious for quite a while, I started to get frustrated with it. Now, with a streamlined NetNewsWire and the slick, simple Pukka program, I’m happy all over again.

  4. I don’t mind the del.icio.us choice, but I’ve switched over to ma.gnolia, so it doesn’t really do me much good. Endo seems to have done the same thing wrt. social bookmarking. Perhaps the social bookmarking sites should consider weighing in on the TrackBack standard, because definately, with a bit of authentication thrown in, this could be a solid use-case for the standard. Instead of asking you for your del.icio.us username and password, it’d ask you for your bookmarking trackback url (and your username/password). Hmm, I’ll have to add this idea to the TrackBack wiki.

  5. Those programs are good for amateurs, but when you get up to 600 or 700 feeds, you can’t even start the program and click the mouse for two minutes, they’re so slow. As with many kinds of software, they just aren’t suited to heavy usage.

  6. If you live in Firefox, like I do, you should check out Sage:


    Which is a Firefox Extension that puts a feed reader in your sidebar. I’ve tried NNW, PulpFiction and a bunch of others, but I prefer to read things in a browser instead of yet another program I have to have open.

    Sage just works. I have over 100 feeds in the sidebar and it’s nice and fast, and everything displays in the browser like I want it to.

  7. Roger said: “but I prefer to read things in a browser instead of yet another program I have to have open.”

    I’m not into parsing 6-700 feeds but for the level I’m at – 100 or so – I find Bloglines – http://www.bloglines.com – adequate. Actually its simplicity forces me to be ruthless with feeds that cannot summarise the content succinctly and to cull them from my feeds list. And I like opening an item into a new browser window as it allows me to continue skimming feeds.

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