12 thoughts on “Google Fusion, aka My Google”

  1. Ok – Google wants to pretend to be a software company, but let’s be real – it’s a media company. It’s (shocker) a portal! There. I said it. They are a portal. Just because they have a simple search as a front-end, doesn’t mean they aren’t a media company. Of course, they have lots of other stuff, and they have great tech – but why do so many people have trouble calling them a media company? And more importantly, why does Google has so much trouble admiting they are a media company?

  2. damian

    for a change you and i are on the same page. now isn’t that a wonderful thing 🙂

    but seriously, i think this is an interesting development and will have a serious impact on google’s long term strategy. I am not sure what, but they are going to be a portal – any which way you slice it – and will have to work on what yahoo has already built.

    it is getting more fun than i thought

  3. MyYahoo! is a far more robust product that Google’s beta My page. For the first time I’ve tested a Google beta product, I’ve come away disappointed for it’s lack of features and poor design. Let the wars begin… Google, still your move…

  4. Om – I agree – it is a wonderful thing! I always figured that Google had to become a portal – and so now it happens….

  5. So that is a nice way to start the day, Damian, agreeing.

    Aaron, I do agree… Google is now going to have to become better and better. it just would be interesting to see how things go in the near future for them, what content agreements they sign-up etc.

  6. I think it’s great. Why are people getting angry over google doing this? Why should google be confined to keeping it’s simple search homepage? Seems silly to me that many people are reacting the way they are to this.

    It’s still in Beta, so I’d expect MyYahoo! to be better than MyGoogle. If MyGoogle was better in beta stage than MyYahoo is in production, Yahoo would be in serious trouble.

  7. Tyler

    nobody is getting upset really. we are just saying that after years in denial, google comes to the very same conclusion as what others had come to. that’s all

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