4 thoughts on “Google Map Hacks No More”

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  2. yeah, i really hope they’ve changed their position on that one.

    back in February at SES NYC, i asked a similar question to a Google panelist (i think it was Marissa Mayer, can’t quite remember) about using GMaps as a developer platform, and at the time the answer was ‘we don’t have any immediate plans for that yet’. a bit disappointing and short-sighted, especially given Paul Rademacher’s recent work and the rather obvious potential there.

    if Google isn’t thinking front & center about their developer strategy for something as natural as GMaps, it’s definitely a huge oversight. Chris DiBona needs to go talk to those folks and tell them about this interesting little concept called Open Source… 😉

    the only reason they’ve got the luxury of moving slowly is Yahoo’s glacial development of Y!Maps and their complete inattention in this area for the past 5 years.

    the fact that these 2 supposed platform companies aren’t thinking harder about developers is somewhat disturbing.

    Web 2.0 fer shur…

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