9 thoughts on “Mashing the G-Maps”

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  2. Om,

    Coming back at this from a post I just put up on Mobile Weblog concerning the future of mobile devices and how location based services are going to play such a substantial role in our mobile future. I linked back from here to here because of your collection of Google Maps Mash Ups that can help illustrate how a flexible API can allow for some very useful and tremendously creative applications to be developed.


    Oliver Starr
    Mobile Weblog

  3. I was doing some research on google maps and found your blog! Very interesting information by the way. I am interested in learning more about the maps, as well as ajax programming. During my search, I also came across a site you have not mentioned that you may find interesting. It is called http://www.joemap.com. It is unlike these other google map mash-ups that I’ve seen in that it allows you to link and email maps to people like this: http://www.joemap.com/map50.html

    Anyway, thanks for all your info, and I hope you find this interesting!

  4. If you’re interested in mashups, try this new site: http://www.stickymap.com

    We developed Stickymap to make an interesting use of graphical overlays as well as a wiki-style interface so that you can get a good sense of what’s going on in a well-markered city.

    Right now, I think the northeast has a good amount of markers. I invite you all to post areas in your neighborhood, or areas that you’ve visited or know about.

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