24 thoughts on “Google is experimenting with Behavioral AdWords”

  1. Three cheers for anything that takes advertisements from the shotgun approach down to the sniper level.

    Ads aren’t going anywhere, so we might as well embrace anything that improves their value to us.

    Ten years from now, ads will be so customized (including those associated with whatever means we are using to watch TV programming at the time) that we’ll view them as pleasant conveniences rather than interruptions.

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  3. This will be the next big thing in online Advertising: It’s all about Predictions and Behavioral Targeting. There is a company in Germany who is already using the term “predictive targeting” named nugg.ad by the way

  4. Interesting idea but my “intent at the moment” is all over the place so I search for one thing then I search for something else and generally neither are related. I don’t click on the ads anyway so what do I care.

  5. Sounds good but it could turn out like bad voice reco software if it doesn’t make the right logical connection. I’m sure the fine folks at Google are way ahead of that though.

  6. The behavioral AdWords is probably a good idea. It would be interesting to experiment with this as far as neuromarketing is concerned…then the AdWords could really be refined.

    Dr. de Jarnette

  7. Its been almost a year, you wrote this post. Can you please update, if google has imiplemented the idea of Behavioral Adwords, Because i dont see it live on the web. Can you please let us know when is google going to make it live.

  8. I think this is related to the “web history” feature of google accounts. It saves your surf and any search queries you typed.
    It can be enabled or disabled at any time in your Google account settings.


  9. Seems Google does not want to be associated with the term behavioral targeting. Google’s VP of product management and advertising and also the one with the famous garage, Susan Wojcicki said the company will not use behavioral targeting.

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