14 thoughts on “Online Video Ads: Work in Progress, says Google”

  1. The contextual problem with video is a huge one. I worked at a big media company for 4 years working on this particularly problem. Media companies have been having this problem for years – that is why there is so much content just sitting “in the vault” not being used.

    One common answer that we always found: it is the METADATA! This is very different from indexing a bunch of text b/c even the spoken word in video can be completely different than what the video is actually about.

    One reason (not the only one, of course) that i was so attracted to join Mefeedia as CEO – 3 years of metadata collected on thousands of contextualized video feeds.

    We have some great ideas around solving the contextualizing/targeting of video ads – will keep you updated as things progress.

  2. I understand the rush to monetize online video, but does it really have to happen in the video? I think people are far too easily concluding that video content cannot be monetized effectively with ads around the video. Pre-roll, post-roll… I believe these will always feel more intrusive. Is the embeddable nature of online video the main reason behind the push for in-video ads? But what about the other types of media are also being syndicated via RSS, newsletters, widgets, etc.? I think video should be looked at more as a way to drive traffic back to your site where conversion and monetization can take place. A mean, not an end.

  3. The entire web experience is still completely new, not just video, and context will be a great challenge. Whatever solution Google comes up with I hope it is as pleasantly non-intrusive as their advertising on their search engine.

  4. Until now Google has been pretty quiet about its in-video advertising capabilities. Earlier this year there was buzz about Google dabbling in in-game ads which leads me to believe they have been working towards perfecting their version of in-video ads for a while. I think contextual in-video ads will end up being the most compelling ad serving medium for consumers. However, there are so many companies in the video advertising game now, it is getting hard to keep track. ScanScout is definitely one to watch—they offer both an in-video overlay and a ticker with an expansion panel.

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