19 thoughts on “Have Skype SMS your Voicemail text: By Late 2007”

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  2. I wonder how well this works, I have callwave service which does something similar for voicemmail to text but its hit or miss on accuracy……

  3. I just took a look at “The Gizmo Project”

    Are you or anyone reading this comment aware of anything like this that has a more advance voicemail system? Something along the lines of “press 1 for sales, 2 for tech support, etc.”

    I’m looking of a solution for a small business and a single voice mail box appears cheesy to the client calling in.

  4. A cool feature, yes, but Skype’s (and parent eBay’s) history of applying sudden, substantial price increases will slow people’s adoption of its fee-based features.

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  6. I hope none of your friends leave long winded voicemails…with 160 characters at a time even a relatively short 20-30 second message could become a half dozen SMS messages!

  7. yea, have to agree with the last two comments. the text could get out of control. my VoIP service lets me get a sound file by e-mail attachment. works just fine for me that way.

  8. SimulScribe already works with Skype – today, our system integrates with Skype and automatically transcribes voice messages into text and delivers it via email or SMS. SimulScribe also transcribes your mobile phone’s voicemail and delivers it by email or SMS – You can get both your Skype and mobile messages automatically transcribed and delivered by email or SMS to your mobile phone. We have a 7 day free trial on our website which includes Skype accounts, visit https://apps.simulscribe.com/signup/edit.

  9. To the early poster asking about something similar to Gizmo with more robust auto-attendant…you should take a look at Callbutler (www.callbutler.com) This is a nice virtualized application UI that works with any VoIP service or provider, and provides some more robust “PBX-like” features. I use it and it works well.

  10. I totally agree with Sean above. I use them for Business purposes and often find that the communication delivered via text has cost me more than a quick Intl call which I simply need to spend an hour to decypher.

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