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  1. Would voice chat really be that useful? Just call the person. I guess it could work alright if you had a headset, but push-to-talk already does the same thing and no one outside of Nextel uses it much.

    There are already a bunch of Jabber clients out for Symbian, so you can log onto GTalk from a phone today.

  2. IM which I’ve just discovered for my SE M600i (UIQ3) is a multi-chat IM client which supports Y!, AIM, MSN, ICQ, Jabber and GoogleChat out of the box.

    MSN is a bit buggy on the m600i, but the Googlechat works a treat.

  3. Om: I’m not using a S60 full time at the moment, but have used a few clients in the past. Agile was decent (but it has been a while, since before Google Talk). I just checked and Jabber isn’t even supported in the latest version, so that’s no good.

    I did some checking and one called IM+ looks pretty interesting. There is a version for most phones (Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, Palm OS and even plain ol’ Java) so it should be able to run on your e61 no problem. This is actually the same app that nacht mentioned above, but I found it via other channels and realized it was the same afterwards.

  4. Yep, they’re forging tie-ups with the OEMs viz. Nokia. This, i reckon, is a great move. Outside the US and Europe, people use a lot of IMs to be in touch with people across the world. So, this should help in using GTalk for VoIP which is coming pre-installed on the devices, is a great move by Google. VoIP on GTalk is really good, from India.

  5. I’ve read in other articles that Mylo supports voice by the IM’s, even though they refer to it usually as chat. Granted, it’s not very clear, but I believe the Mylo supports voice on IM’s.

  6. Om,

    RockeTalk (http://www.rocketalkmobile.com) works great on a bunch of Nokia and some Samsung phones. It does multi headed IM, works cross platform and is all about OpenMessaging. I have it working on the N70 and use it all the time to talk to their people and some other friends.

    It’s like iDEN Push to Talk that goes bye bye in a few years when the government takes over iDEN from Sprint/Nextel.

    Regarding the E61, there are some issues that remain. First the lack of NAT Traversal, the browser not accepting a T-Mobile Java script probe for browser redirect limit it’s VoIP two way capability, but heck, I can make outgoing calls from any normal WiFi access point or from a hard wired connection grab my MAC’s WiFi signal that I can create.

    As for the 770, Gizmo rules the day there. I can’t get GTALK or GChat to even work and it seems to be a certificate issue on Googles end.


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