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  1. Goog needs to learn how to work partnerships – MSO’s will not be easy to partner given that Goog is competing with them in the broadband/content space.

    Content distribution via the IPTV medium depends on the lucrative last-mile ownership – cablecos and the former bells rule that. MSO’s will dictate terms when it comes to the pipes.

    Free content accessible to any wireless handheld platform is cool – as long as wireless companies charge for access they love suppliers of free content, drives up their revenue. Wireless partnerships are ‘not’ exclusive – mobile content delivery will be driven by cheaper access to mobile broadband >>> next wave. Google will focus on this rather than trying to own the living room experience.

  2. Not clear why you think the job posting is specifically geared towards cable specific technologies. DVB is unlikely to be adopted by the MSO in the U.S. anytime soon (more likely to be adopted by the telcos and satellites), and they also specifically call out for IPTV experience, which is likely a reference to telco-based video distribution.


  3. Ref: the job posting —

    The job looks more specific to writing software that drives set-top boxes >>> specifically IPG, Content search and DVR drivers that can Googlize the TV experience.

    Man – I think I should apply for an evangelist job with Google 😉

  4. I worked in the iTV space for a long time, specifically with Comcast and the Telcos (and partly on IPTV).

    While it’s true that Comcast is working hard to upgrade their infrastructure to support two-way IP video distribution, the cost of doing so across their entire network is extremely prohibitive (especially given the billions they’ve spent to upgrade the past couple years). The telcos, on the other hand, have the infrastructure in-place, and are currently working very hard to roll-out IPTV across the nation. Comcast (and others) are rolling out IPTV in small pockets, but I have a feeling that the big push will come from the telcos in the near future.

    The telcos also lead this effort internationally, where the bulk of their digital competition is from the satellite companies, not the MSOs.

    Certainly not saying that Om or Dinesh are wrong about their predictions, but I think it would be short-sighted of Google to focus so narrowly on the MSO partners.

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