9 thoughts on “Google To Shut Down Paid Video Site”

  1. …and that is why DRMd audio and video that requires a key verification (as they probably all do) suck rocks, to use the term of art.

  2. Why do you think Google did this? To consolidate some of their video offerings? Will youtube have some new features to replace this? I never used the service, but it seemed like it sucked anyway.

  3. Scary… and we’re supposed to trust Google with all of our data? :-0

    That’s a pretty raw deal: “…previously purchased videos will no longer be playable”

  4. I think the $ credit is equal to the original purchase price of the content. I bought an NBA game featuring Kobe’s 81 point explosion at $4.95 and am now getting a $5 google checkout certificate.
    This is horrible precedent in a fragmented digital media marketplace where we are trying to get consumers comfortable with non-physical goods…should help Apple by comparison. (where your purchases will always work..stop experimenting with the other guys)

  5. So I no longer own the product I purchased, they are taking it away from me without my permission? Isn’t that called stealing? Or at least an unreasonable seizure?

    Another reason I buy music/film/software on discs or immediately burn-to-disc anything purchased over the Internet.

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