9 thoughts on “Google To Shut Down Paid Video Site”

  1. Scary… and we’re supposed to trust Google with all of our data? :-0

    That’s a pretty raw deal: “…previously purchased videos will no longer be playable”

  2. I think the $ credit is equal to the original purchase price of the content. I bought an NBA game featuring Kobe’s 81 point explosion at $4.95 and am now getting a $5 google checkout certificate.
    This is horrible precedent in a fragmented digital media marketplace where we are trying to get consumers comfortable with non-physical goods…should help Apple by comparison. (where your purchases will always work..stop experimenting with the other guys)

  3. So I no longer own the product I purchased, they are taking it away from me without my permission? Isn’t that called stealing? Or at least an unreasonable seizure?

    Another reason I buy music/film/software on discs or immediately burn-to-disc anything purchased over the Internet.

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