6 thoughts on “Beta Test Sling Player for Symbian S60”

  1. This post reads like conversational marketing but, hoenstly, I can’t tell the difference.

    Is it?

    Or, is GigaOm just making us aware of an opportuntity to become a beta tester for Sling? Nokia’s N95? Both?


    Why does it appear that you’re Ninja marketing for these comopanies?

    The old Om would’ve already tried it out, given his impression of it and either encouraged or discouraged others to take up the opportunity as a beta tester.

    I gotta find some new bloggers. Ever since this Battelle-inspired FM Media associated all these bloggers under one canopy for the purpose of leverage against ad companies, which I thought was a strong idea, it seems to be veering off course and taking some good tech reputations with it.


  2. The Sling announcement isn’t really a problem. Sling put out a press release this weekend and most Symbian bloggers. Gigaom, Darla Mack, Symbian Guru, Crunch Gear, Engadget have all run the release.

    The N95 side of this is a bit more troubling. If Sling works with Symbian+S60 v3, then there should be other phones in this list. Or is it the case the the N95 is the only phone Sling have tested on? If so, then they wouldn’t be ready for beta.

    Things that make you go hmmmmmmm…..

    I don’t think Om is shilling here, but it does make me wonder if he’s spread too thin.

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