3 thoughts on “Google Video Search, Veoh, Curt Schilling and Start-ups”

  1. Sounds great! It seems that Google finally took the advice I gave in a blog post more than 3 months ago. 😉

    GigaOM was still discussing then whether Google should be a media company or not.

    Google has to concentrate on video search. When I type “Simpsons” on video.google.com I want to see search results from every possible video website, like they do with normal text websites on their text search. Google’s video search at video.google.com should be like their news search at news.google.com.

    When I start an investigation about a company I normally type it’s name on news.google.com to know what’s happened to them in the last time. news.google.com is a central point of news search and I don’t have to check anymore news site by news site, like I had to do some years ago.

    video.google.com should be the same, and it should be just as great. Google doesn’t need to become a content provider. It wasn’t even necessary to buy Youtube.

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