6 thoughts on “Schilling’s Laws for Perfect Start(up)s”

  1. 1)
    I feel that some time should be spent on market research, partnerships and such but agree that a solid product needs to move. I have spent 2 years casually researching the market and understanding technology for a product I am wasting no time in moving forward with. An opportunity exists. I am poised to make a leap.
    Hell Yeah!
    Surround yourself with people smarter than you. Then delegate, measure the results and reward handsomely for success.
    3)What do you think about finding a mentor? Someone who will listen to you bitch but more importantly act as the catcher. Outside observer. Just three days ago I asked someone to act in this regard but have not heard back. Suppose I scared them off?
    4)Has everyone seen the movie What About Bob?
    Baby steps. Bill Murray is great!

    Supper post!}

  2. great article. Not sure if this is right but I’ve heard Shilling does a lot of homework about hitters behaviors and tendencies.

    To me that is a corollary to market research, consumer behavior, partnerships and such for a startup.

    Yes, get to market, don’t wait around on perfection, but know the market so you don’t get knocked out in the 2nd inning.}

  3. excellent writing…very entertaining.

    However, “get your product to market quickly” is not free.

    You need budget baby! Got to pitch the deal to get the product…


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