9 thoughts on “Sprint: Rethinking WiMAX?”

  1. WiMax is unproven technology because no one has tried to prove it yet. Only once it’s tried on a grand scale will we ever know if it works.

    • Noga Rosenthal
  2. Agree that Sprint’s placing far too big a bet on an unproven technology… for $3B in capex, I’m not sure I’d invest in something which has yet to generate scale economies or a proven business model, where CPEs are still expensive and few, and which has major market lag time compared to 3G. After all, aren’t the next revs of EVDO supposed to be on par with WiMAX?

  3. Next EVDO revs are not anywhere near on par with WiMax. Sprint should stick to its guns and get back to being a technology leader or perish like MCI and AT&T

  4. for all you none believers of the wimax, its now time to officially bury the myth. Here is a testimonial of (www.yourradio105.com)someone who had actually tested and proven the wimax system in less than favourable weather conditions(Hurricane Dean with 158 mph gust of winds)and flying debris.

  5. WiMAX is a smart move – lots more cost effective. With Motorola and Intel, there is enough muscle to crush other carriers.

    When you are outgunned, you can’t beat the competition by following their footsteps.

    Screw the analysts — when does pontification run business?

  6. When shopping for broadband, most people choose DSL or cable. But a third alternative is coming. In a normal cell radius deployment of three to ten kilometers, WiMAX systems could deliver up to 40 Mbps per channel, enough bandwidth to simultaneously support hundreds of businesses with T-1 speed connectivity and thousands of residences with DSL speed connectivity.

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