20 thoughts on “Google Wallet, Confirmed”

  1. Wasn’t Google trialling Wallet in SF already, with Peet’s as one of the partners? Is this a new addition for the potential launch today, or part of the existing trial?

    1. I spotted this at the Peet’s near our office in downtown SF. I noticed it first on Thursday and when I asked the barista, he said that they just hooked it up but were still waiting for instructions to come later.

  2. My hope is that next year, all smartphones have NFC in them. Hopefully the iPhone 5 will so it will kickstart the process.

  3. It’s interesting that Google hasn’t updated the official wallet site now that TechCrunch supposedly “leaked” the launch date….i wonder when other competitors will be launching like Serve, Moneto, Kuapay, etc…probably gonna be a competive space

  4. VISA has been trailing this also with an App on the iPhone. Saw a program about 2 months ago here in Australia that the CEO of VISA using it in USA. VISA are looking at fazing out the credit card all together and use the tap n go method through your smart-phone. He believes that this version is more safer than the current credit cards with the chip in it.

  5. I already use my android to pay my bills. But what about security? I don’t know how comfortable I would be with all my credit cards data stored on my device. What if someone steal it from me or if I lose it? But I’m sure Google will think about that, as always šŸ™‚

  6. Sucks that it only works with Sprint and Sprints Nexus S phone…

    I found this Moneto mobile wallet that looks like it works like GW, but use a nfc micro SD to give phones NFC…Moneto Wallet looks like it can be used on ATT, Verizon, and etc., which is defintely more appealing to techies who are not on Sprint

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