3 thoughts on “Is Qualcomm's Brew (OS) dead?”

  1. Want mobile OS/dev platforms to bet on? Android, iOS and Windows of some variant (8 most likely), HTML5 are the clear answers going forward. Forget the rest. BUT, do not entirely discount Alibaba’s Aliyun, a potential longer-term disruptive force rising from China.

  2. To be honest I never saw Qualcomm pushing Brew OS at least in my coutry. Even in new OS era Brew OS hardly made any public appearance. Everyone knows Android OS, iOS and for that matter even Symbian OS but even many experts will be surprised if you tell them about Brew OS. I’d say their biggest mistake was keeping it on low-end devices and feature phones from beginning and keeping it on OEM level only. I mean very few people except OEMs knew about it.Besides their strict and costly restrictions of app development and so on…

  3. Brew is an OS in the same way that TI’s Nucleus is an OS. That is to say it played a significant role in the development of mobile, now it’s time has passed and it will be an overlooked footnote in the history of the industry

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