13 thoughts on “Google May Buy Yelp: A Quick Analysis”

  1. Agreed. It’s seems like tips from foursquare are quickly becoming more and more relevant, whereas Yelp is cumbersome to use on mobile phone.

  2. I think this maybe a good move for both Google and Yelp. The marriage of the two can give services like Foursqaure a run for its’ money. I like Yelp. I just like Foursquare more. Why? Simply because it’s very social. I can see where my friends are and what they are doing and we can hook-up. And that is real friends not social network friends. I feel that Yelp is lacking in this area.

  3. Jason is dead right about Google desperately buying items in their search results. It’s kind of sad because I view Yelp as a very very spammy site. I am very surprised that Google would buy this one.

  4. Yelp has been playing some funny games in the name of chasing revenue, particularly with regards to the way that certain reviews are handled depending upon whether or not a particular business is a sponsor or not. Church and State are not perfectly segregated and the don’t be evil thing may need some repeating. It is also curious how the Elite thing works, at least in the Bay Area version of Yelp, where there seems a strongly positive correlation between being an attractive young Asian female and Elite status, but I suppose the founders needed something to tide them over until the End Game.

  5. i am sorry, but real time is no threat to yelp. no one needs real time reviews … especially not 130 character limited ones. the social aspect is something google might like about yelp, although yelp i think is not overly social. this is a lot of hot air with a lot of hype and jargon … adding very if any value.

  6. Google bought the items in its search results with YouTube. That has hardly been worthwhile. The same will be true if they buy Yelp. Google is inherently a technology driven company. Yelp, YouTube or any other social media is not.

  7. Liz Gannes wrote:
    “far more awesome would be things that reflect my actual preferences, as approximated by my friends’ tastes.”

    Yeah, Yelp does that already, it being a social network and all. I almost solely look at reviews from my contacts, rather than the greater Yelp population.
    It also highlights the dishes people are talking about over and over by bringing them to the top.

    Based on these two features that are already there, I don’t see FourSquare type apps replacing Yelp anytime soon.

  8. Om, another reason for Google to buy Yelp it to get closer to local merchants. I believe that Google will be making a big push to provide value added services for local merchants and Yelp had done a decent job engaging local biz, so this can assist them with penetrating this segment. Selling services to local merchants is very very difficult and most merchants are not leveraging the web to advertise or promote their services, this segment represents billions of dollars that could be spent online. For Google to continue their big growth, they need to go after segments with big potential, and local is huge.

  9. Perhaps in an old fashioned way, I’m surprised how short the half life of these companies are. The turnover rate is stunningly quick, what other industries have businesses like this?

    Secondly, I’m also surprised at the assumption that if a company isn’t worth $X it just naturally has to be bought out. I suppose people expect if a small company isn’t bought, a huge company will clone its features and let it die instead.

    New rules of business. Though I’m sure astute commentators could cite other examples.

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  11. Most of us already predicted that the deal of Yelp and G would play out just any other acquisition google had in the past. Surprisingly, even with the generous ‘gift’ of 500 Million dollars presented by Goog, Yelp still found a way to turn it down. Why? here’s a detailed point of view: http://bit.ly/yelp-decline-google-best-worst

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