9 thoughts on “UpdatedGoogle's Android Makes Set-top Box Debut”

  1. This is just the beginning. The proverbial iPhone lead over Android will continue to stay only for phone users (due to its vastly superior usability engineering) but Android is going to power ahead in market penetration in the ‘one application many devices market’. We’ve been using Android for a whole bunch of stuff and it makes the original thought of ‘quad-play’ (you know, you are watching TV on your cell phone, walk into the house, a ‘handover’ is done and the game continues on HD in your den) etc. much simpler. You build one application, engineer it for different form-factors and add the option of using external GPUs when available and bingo, a plug-in system.

  2. Some clarifications are needed:
    The au Box is already available in the Japanese Market and has reached more than 100,000 subscribers; running Linux based on KreaTV platform (acquired by Motorola).
    It seems Motorola consider migrating to Android.


    1. Thanks Avi for that additional information. It is good to get that little detail in the story. I have updated to reflect that.

  3. The story also appeared on CNET on April 13th. From what I understand in talking to contacts in Japan, the dates on commercial availability are not clear. Here is the link of the CNET article: http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-10218607-94.html

    Android has to go through significant optimization for a Set Top Box (STB) – for example – the video decoding happens on the SoC (System on Chip). Wonder if Android has been customized as much by Motorola?

  4. Thanks for the great news Om! FINALLY, the internet and television are combining. I am sure you will be showing us plenty more Android powered devices in the near future that not only bring us internet to nearly every facet of our lives, but also makes the information in our lives seamless as well.

    – Jason Nadaf

  5. How about an Android implementation of Boxee, that could cause some ripples among network and cable TV operators in the US if Android inside settop boxes started to appear in the US market.