7 thoughts on “Google's AOL Stake Down By Half?”

  1. Re: Loser dialup business.

    Yes, the business is losing close to 200,000 subs per month, but I know of many outfits that would like to buy part or all of this base.

    Dialup itself is profitable. One problem, of course, is that this user base is afflicted with AOHell, a popular nickname for AOL software because it appears to be designed to prevent users from leaving.

    Nevertheless, some ISPs have become skilled at making the switch, as have services like TrueSwitch.

    The dialup base would be valued at # of subscribers at a certain date after purchase. Generally, at less than 1x annual revenue.

    If dialup ARPU is $15, and AOL has 8,000,000 to sell, that’s $90 x 8 million = $720 million.

    It’s not many billions, but it’s also not spare change.

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