12 thoughts on “Grousing about Google”

  1. It’s very simple: If they’re pissed about Google hiring all the talent, offer more pay/benefits/whatever to draw them to you. Don’t hate google just because they’re doing well. Sheesh.

    Bringing the world together through our common bond: Our stupidity

  2. I somehow think they are gradually getting away from their core competency “search” and their cash cow – paid text links.

    Its amazing no one in media talked much about the big adword change that went live last week which has a real chance of affecting their bottom line – instead everyone were busy writing about the desktop and now google talk 🙂

  3. With each passing day, American business executives become even more pussified.

    Really these people bitch and moan about anything. The bigboys are ALWAYS begging Washington for more freebies, and now the bitching disease is spreading to the rollup the sleeves crowd.

    Entreprenuers solve problems. period.

    If your VC, or even worse, your mgt is a bunch of whiners, perhaps they should be fired. posuers. vbg!!!

    PS. VoIP, looks like the end game is near.
    Vonage is filing for an IPO, and Yahoo confirms rumors they’ve been talking to Skype (was it really ~$3B, that can’t be….)

  4. When people were saying that now it’s the best time to start internet companies, perhaps even better than in 97, due to higher broadband internet/penetration, and the abundance of the engineering talent after the crash, they did not take one thing into account. In 97 there was no monopoly player, like Google is becoming now.
    Remember how obviously useless it has become start a company to make windows programs by say 97? I am afraid that this is happening to the internet right now.

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