7 thoughts on “Group Search, the next big trend?”

  1. imeem (all of its 400 users) and sharpcast are heading in a similar direction although any of the portals getting to your PC (yahoo or google or aol or msn) will get there first and can subsidize the services as well as offer xGB space for free riding on ad-(sensed)-dollars. search across ‘my information repositories’ will happen, not just across ‘groups’.

  2. alex, in the early stages of the game, perhaps searching for music files in different folders, or searching through many machines on your LAN might be the usable applications, but eventually something clever is going to evolve from all this.

  3. What’s the difference between “Group Search” and collaborative filtering? I’m not sure I want my search results to be influenced by my peers, or if I do, then I want recommendations (not really search results).

  4. I thought this was coming a while ago, and looked at Grouper then. It didn’t seem to take the concept very far.

    What I would envisage is Google Desktop, linked to Google Talk and Community creation (groups of contacts that have a level of trust associated with them).
    If I was in a community related to VoIP and I wanted to search for, say, company results for Vonage, the search can be local to my machine, or across all ‘information repositories’ (good point) in the group, or the web as a whole.
    The key is the level of trust within the community.
    Right now, all of the IM tools are single layer, you can create your list of contacts, but you can’t create your own IM community with its own level of presence and interaction.
    Skype has the software to do it, Google has a more compelling business case, and now Google have their own IM/telephony tool (and $3 billion to take it past Skype)

  5. For those who used Grouper’s p2p client and want a great free alternative, there’s GigaTribe (http://www.gigatribe.com).

    It allows users to share specific folders on their harddrive with friends (and vice-versa). There’s also a search function that let’s a user search multiple computers (within his/her network of friends) for a certain file.

    It’s free of any adware/spyware and there’s no advertising on it. I’ll be happy to answer any questions about this application at john at tribalweb dot net.

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