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  1. As for the blackberry, only if blackberry could support wifi and wireless on the same device, and we could use Google Talk to really Talk(i dont get wireless signal at my home 🙁 but do have wifi 🙂

  2. I’m surprised. GTalk has been very low key. It’s still a very undeveloped app and has very few features. I visit the GTalk blog regularly, only to see something new about once or twice a month.

    I’m sure lots of things are in the works, but we sure haven’t seen them yet.

  3. They’ve done a great job on UI, i absolutely love it for its simplicity. But they’ve been slow on adding features. Guess they’re working on making it compatible most of the platforms and mobile devices.

  4. Gtalk is a well optimized application. I like it’s style as it is. I think a send/receive money button next to the email, call button is just question of time. GBuy first. BTW since google/gtalk uses jabber, everybody can connects to it’s network with a simple iChat or anything else. It’s a more clever solution than to make a war like what sony does with their own formats like blue ray or memorystick. It’s just good to be compatible.

  5. I’m not impressed with Gtalk. Its a weak and underdeveloped client.

    It also has a SECURITY PROBLEM: if you are logged in from home and the log in from office, it dosen’t log you out and messages received from friends appear on the home Gtalk as well!

  6. RYK, what is a security problem to you is a useful feature to others. I appreciate the ability to use more than one XMPP client with the same JID simultaneously, as opposed to most other IM networks. If you’re worried about your messages being exposed, just log out or lock your computer when leaving home.

  7. Would love to have gtalk on my symbian thats made by the creators. Who knows the program better then the creator. Would love to also connect to the voip that comes with e65 with gtalk.

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