23 thoughts on “Why Guardian Media Bought paidContent for $30M”

  1. Om, it clearly comes through that you’re happy for this guy, rather than jealous – good stuff!
    There’s a Seeking Alpha commentary on the future of news (print vs. online) and journalism, and to me, the advantage that online content creators/journalists like yourself have over print is that you never sleep and you have 24 hour access to distribution. You seemingly live and breathe this stuff every moment of your existence. We know that if it happens, we’ll see it from you or Arrington (or Swisher?) first.
    Keep up the good, hard work!

  2. @worth

    Rafat is one man who deserves it. He has worked hard for it. I think the big issue that people don’t seem to realize is the fundamental nature of the media business, the economics around it and deal with the new consumption patterns. We all – Rafat, Mike, Matt, Kara and countless others are finetuning this new model.

    Rafat’s exit is a good validation for all.

  3. Good for Rafat and Kara. PaidContent and the family of GigaOmniMedia sites have done a superb job of chronicling the stunning transformation that digital distribution models and broadband have imposed upon so many businesses – with a special callout for traditional media.

    It is a great milestone for those of you who have worked so hard, under the near constant deadline and have done so in a fair, balanced and frankly relentless manner – calling BS where it needed to be called and praising innovation where praise was deserved.

    Good on ya!

  4. It is true that the internet is completely changing the media business, not just in distribution but eventually the form itself will change in major ways. However, right now it is like trying to grow a plant in fertile soil (the internet) with plenty of sunlight (online readers) but no water. The water is micropayments and until a working system is deployed, the field will be relatively barren compared to the forest that will grow once we have micropayments working.

  5. @Ajay

    R u a farmer. Ur analogies are laughable. OM – very good and clean notes on the deal. One of ur best posts.

  6. It is surprising the UK based GMG paid $30 mill for a site which has most of it’s visitors are from US. According to Alexa traffic details United States counts for 76.1% of hits, India with 4.3 % and UK with only 3.9 %.

  7. Hey Om
    Thanks for your nice words…and everyone’s well wishes here. Sorry I couldn’t jump in here earlier, with all the whirlwind yesterday. Someone even told me a new iPhone launched yesterday…i missed that one 🙂

    The standards Om and his team has helped define are worth all the value they will get, I have no doubt. Om’s own journey, especially in the last year, is inspiring.

    Om, you better take me to the best damn Indian restaurant next time I am in SF….I will pay 🙂

  8. Om-I really admire your post for all the reasons mentioned above. To that I may add that both you and Rafat have been pathbreakers, changing something and chronicling that very change yourself rather well. I would like to call this “living the disruption”…some close to Mahatma Gandhi’s saying: “Be the change you want to see!”
    I wish you both good luck. I am also reminded me of a saying by Infosys chairman Narayana Murthy: “It is like changing the tyres of an aircraft midflight!”
    Some of the insights you offer in the post and by recollection need some more fleshing out for a larger evangelisation..but surely that gives us all something to do?:)

  9. I just wonder what was the valuation model? PaidCOntent publishes so much about M&A and VC deals in the industry — maybe it is time to disclose some details about the PaidContent/Guardian deal. $30 million seems a lot!

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