17 thoughts on “It's Here – The New 3G iPhone.”

  1. Om, thanks for the unboxing… looking forward to some real world reviews – especially about the GPS accuracy and overall performance.

    It’s amazing how similar the HTC Touch is – right down to the anthracite colored box…


  2. Wow. These prices are insanely high. Even if you are eligible for the 199/299 prices, you are going to be paying unbelievable amounts per month. The old iPhone is/was $20/month for unlimited data and 200 texts, and this one is $35/month for the same thing. That’s $360 difference over two years. At every price level, AT&T has raised the prices (for 1500 texts, you are paying an additional $5 than what it was before)…. and thats just data and texts. Well, I found this one from the clash,Jobs unveiling the new iPhone. You can see it in Steve Jobs & Apple’s iPhone 3G.

  3. Over 23,000 signatures have been collected for Mexico’s very own iPhone petition. Telcel’s 3 plans include a mere 100-200 MB of Data, and if you go over they charge you around $4 dollars per megabyte. The so called Unlimited Plan switches to the slower 128Kbps network when you reach 3 GB; not such a great deal at $140 dollars per month.

    We need to get the international media’s attention. See for yourself at http://www.nelpastel.com/

    Please help us spread the word.

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